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Beautiful tattoos on the leg are popular with both sexes. For girls, body jewelry helps to emphasize elegance, sexuality, grace. Men demonstrate personal qualities, put their worldview and philosophy of life into the drawing.


A tattoo on the thigh of the leg is suitable for fans of detailed stories and large compositions. In addition, the hip is the most painless area. Girls here prefer images of flowers, patterns in the form of bracelets, garters. Guys often choose tattoos in styles such as abstract, blackwork, geometry, graphics.


Caviar is a part of the leg, which is convenient for body drawing, there is enough space for large drawings. The rounded shape of caviar is the basis for creating volumetric sketches. Men give preference to subjects in the styles of biomechanics, realism, traditional, graphic drawings. Women - flower arrangements, spatial geometry.


A popular place among girls, because the tattoo gracefully emphasizes the bending line of the foot. Thin patterns are applied here in the form of bracelets, inscriptions, minimalistic patterns. Concise phrases decorated with flower buds look very impressive on a woman's leg.


A tattoo on the foot is a stylish option for people of any gender. The size of the thumbnail depends on personal preference. You can make a small, concise tattoo, or a voluminous one, over the entire foot area. Girls choose small inscriptions, miniature symbolic elements - an airplane, a star, a flower, a mandala. Guys prefer compositions with predatory animals, snakes, and skulls.