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Angel Tattoos

Angels are a common image in the art of tattooing. There are many ideas of sketches: a marble statue, an angel in the clouds, angel wings, etc. A tattoo artist can perform a tattoo depending on your preferences, or they can suggest the most popular option, for example, a realistic black-and-white angel tatt on the arm, back, or chest.

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Meanings of Angel Tattoos

This design is often associated with an invisible protector, your guardian angel. Angel tattoos protect their wearers with the help of higher powers or the spirit of a deceased loved one. Angel images inked into the skin may carry different meanings depending on one's views and beliefs.

Popular Styles

You'll find plenty of stunning angel tattoo ideas on our website. Tattoo artists from all over the world suggest their angel tattoo sketches performed in different techniques and styles.


The main feature of this technique is filling in an area on the body with black ink. An angel is tattooed with white ink and thin lines on a black base. Blackwork tattoos are perfect for covering up old ones.


Realism is one of the most popular styles for inking angel tattoos. Due to a high contrast of light and shadow, the image of an angel resembles a black and white photo. Tattooers often portray a statue of an angel with other religious items. Such sketches look like genuine masterpieces.


This style of tattooing is characterized by thick outlines. Angel images are often small. Thus, such a tattoo is perfect for a graceful female arm. An experienced tattoo artist will create a mind-blowing angel tattoo sketch just for you.


The style implies tattooing religious images. Chicano angel tattoos are often complemented by crosses, praying hands, and Gothic letterings. The main features of the technique are soft shading and the use of black and gray ink.

Possible Placements

When choosing the right placement for an angel tattoo, it's essential to consider its size. The back is perfect for tattooing large 3D sketches. The image of an angel with unfolded wings will look amazing on the shoulder blades. Small tats may decorate your shoulder or forearm.


The shoulder is a nice place to get a small tattoo. It will appear bigger on this part of the body. An angel combined with other religious symbols can be tattooed on the entire arm.


Men often opt for tattooing their chest with the image of an angel. This part of the body is a perfect canvas for large 3D sketches. Women tend to get small tattoos like cherubs on their collarbones.


The back is a common placement for angel tattoos for men and women alike. One of possible sketches is small wings tattooed on the upper back. Another flattering variant is folded angel wings in the style of realism. Tattoos in black and white look especially impressive. If desired, you can add a red pigment.

For Women

Women prefer delicate sketches of these celestial beings. A tattoo can be complemented by flowers, a heart, or beads. Check out photos of the most popular angel tattoo sketches among women.

For Men

Guys choose more masculine sketches, such as an angel with enormous wings and big muscles. The image is tattooed on the upper body parts like arms, chest, and back. One of the most striking tattoo sketches is an eternal battle between an angel and a demon.

Are you still in two minds about which tattoo sketch to choose? Angel tattoos come in different variants, so you'll surely find the right one in our portfolio.

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