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3D Tattoos

One of the most popular trends in body art has become 3D tattoos as they are realistic, bold, and impressive. It doesn't matter what kind of sketch you want to have (a mythical creature, a fluttering butterfly, your favorite comic book character, or an original design), because realistic tattoos will definitely make a splash.

Tattoos For Men

Men tend to choose dark or even scary 3D tattoo designs, such as skulls, venomous reptiles, insects, predatory animals, birds, wounds, or scars. 

Three-dimensional tattoos performed in steampunk and biomechanical style are no less popular. These are images of unusual mechanisms like a set of gears, pistons, etc.

You can choose any color you like for your tattoo, but men’s 3D tattoos imply the usage of a dark palette, so the tattoo looks super impressive and brutal. 

Tattoos For Women

3D tattoos for women are highly diverse. Steampunk tattoos are traditionally considered male, but they fit perfectly into the ladies' style. 3D tattoos for women are highly diverse. Steampunk tattoos are traditionally considered male, but they fit perfectly into the ladies' style. However, men commonly choose mechanical eagles or complex fantasy mechanism sketches, and girls more often opt for butterflies, bizarre plants, and singing birds.

The simplest tattoos will look magnificent if performed with the use of the 3D technique. That's why three-dimensional inscriptions, zodiac signs, and simple symbols (Yin and Yang, a heart with an arrow, etc.) are in demand among women.

Best 3D Tattoo Ideas

3D tattoo style is in constant change, acquiring new features and characteristics. The 3D effect allows you to make your tat look realistic. An experienced tattoo artist specializing in 3D tattoo style can create such a detailed sketch as if it protrudes beyond the skin and exists separately from it. 

Here is the list of the most popular 3D tattoo designs. 


It doesn’t matter whether you have a tiny moth or an exotic tropical butterfly inked into your skin. What does matter is that each butterfly is tattooed in the 3D style. They impress with their featheriness. Plus, when you look at a three-dimensional butterfly, it feels like it will flutter up and fly away. Butterfly tattoos signify changes, life renewal, and readiness for incredible transformations, both physical and mental. 


Scorpion tattoos carry an ambiguous meaning as they encapsulate two sides of the same world, for example, life and death, healing and destruction, a direct assault and predatory stealth. 

Traditionally, the scorpion is considered a symbol of revenge for betrayal. However, it's not always necessary to have it tattooed using dark colors. In addition, you can have both a multicolored zodiac sign or a scorpion surrounded by dunes and desert grasses inked into your skin. Plus, you could also choose a 3D tattoo from a tattooer's portfolio or create your original sketch.


Snake tattoos represent wisdom, danger, and cunning. In addition, such tattoos demonstrate a willingness to explore the world and to accept everything in it. A snake shows patience, a cold-blooded calmness: you are ready to walk away from conflicts preserving your dignity, but at the same time, you will not hesitate to go into battle if it's inevitable. 

3D snake tattoos look flattering on the shoulder, chest, neck. The reptile enveloping you acts both as a weapon and a shield. 


The spider is considered a very symbolic image in body art. The spider itself stands for creation, diligence, protection from unkind intentions and influence. A spider sitting in the middle of the web carries a sacred meaning. Namely, a spider web symbolizes a sublunary world. Spider is the basis of the universe and the power that brings luck to your life. 

Men's 3D tattoos often depict venomous spiders, such as black widows or tarantulas with their fangs out and ready to attack the victim. Harvesters (spiders with a small body and long, thin legs) are more commonly seen on women. Such sketches look stunning on a woman's graceful arm or shoulder.


3D tattoos depicting a mythical creature can be made with the help of different techniques, and they can carry diverse meanings. A dragon tattoo is a nice option, be it a formidable force capable of destroying the whole world or a cute Chinese dragon flying in the sky.

Traditionally, the dragon symbolizes the destructive power of water and, at the same time, the creative power of nature itself. It's chaos that can instantly turn into order. It's a sign of change that has its roots inside the person, forcing him or her to change on the outside. 

3D tattoos allow you to unleash your potential as an individual striving for unconventional beauty. They will impress onlookers and give you a permanent charm.

On our website, you can choose a 3D tattoo from specialists' portfolios and reach out to a tattoo artist in any part of the world.

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