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Butterfly Tattoos

A butterfly tattoo is a body decoration that is one of the most common. In most cases, it is chosen by girls, but it is also found in men.

If you apply a tattoo, then only from a good master. The website contains real works of professionals involved in drawing artistic butterfly tattoos. We recommend that you look at photos with their work, find a tattoo artist from your city and sign up.

The butterfly is a symbol of the soul, freedom, rebirth and new life. It's easy to draw a parallel with a caterpillar that turns into a dazzlingly beautiful butterfly - yes, it's a different life. It is not for nothing that a butterfly is tattooed on the body at the turning points of life.

In addition to the above, the butterfly personifies family happiness, joy and grace.

As a rule, the place for a butterfly tattoo is chosen:

  • back;
  • shoulder blade;
  • neck;
  • forearm.

The place of choice for girls for a butterfly tattoo is often the chest, ankle, buttocks, pubis.

A tattoo reveals the character of its wearer, in this respect it is its informational function today. And each person attaches individual importance to a tattoo.


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