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Couple tattoo ideas

Ideas for paired tattoos differ depending on the degree of intimacy they characterize. Body art can mean time-tested friendship, family ties, or close relationships. The symbolism of the tattoo is obvious only when two halves of one image are combined, reflecting certain feelings or an important event for two people.

The following wearable images look symbolic and beautiful when paired.

  • Key and lock. Photos of paired tattoos demonstrate a variety of readings of such a combination - the style of the drawing and its plot vary. You can choose a miniature image with one central element or a large drawing full of additional semantic details.
  • Images of the King and Queen. Here, too, there is where fantasy roam. Usually, we are not talking about portraying the images of monarchs, but about their metaphorical reading in the form of monochrome or colored playing cards, personifying the royal status of crowns. True, such tattoos at the same time can mean selfishness of character, overestimated self-esteem, so the implementation of the idea should be approached responsibly, excluding a double interpretation.
  • Marine theme. Kindness of souls and closeness are conveyed by the drawings of the steering wheel and anchors, a couple of marine life. Such tattoos look especially interesting in the style of old school. Individually, the images also carry a positive message and are distinguished by a complete plot.
  • Feathers. Beautiful paired tattoos directly symbolize the sublimity of feelings, their lightness. Most birds remain faithful to each other throughout their lives, so the feather is considered a very strong sign, emphasizing the depth of the connection. An interesting idea of ​​original paired tattoos - images of wings, when the same halves adorn the female and male back.
  • Representatives of the fauna. Images of pigeons, ladybirds, horses, deer are suitable for expressing love feelings. Animals are applied both in monochrome and in color, choosing the same style for both tattoos.
  • Plant motives. Strong love feelings are emphasized by drawings of red tulips, forget-me-nots, red or white roses, lilacs,honeysuckle.
  • Labels. These can be names or meaningful phrases, quotes. Such wearable decor is applied to the same parts of the body, adhering to a single design style. Often, symbolic inscriptions are used to decorate the wrists, the area under the breast, and the collarbone.

Couple tattoos for lovers

Beautiful paired tattoos that emphasize tender feelings can be both eloquent enough and understandable only for two. A semantic drawing or inscription becomes one of the connecting links, which after years will carry the same message. Paired tattoos can be done on hidden areas of the body or choose open areas for them - wrist, ankle, neck, fingers.

Original pair tattoos on the arm

In an effort to capture feelings, some couples choose an unusual solution, demonstrating an unconventional approach and an exceptional sense of humor. Funny couple tattoos are offered in a wide variety of variations:

  • nuts and bolts, complemented by floral arrangements or other details;
  • plugs with wires;
  • tea bag and mug;
  • cartoon characters - Shrek and Fiona, Beauty and the Beast, etc.

Ring designs are also referred to as unusual paired tattoos. This option is suitable for those who do not accept precious jewelry on their hands. To emphasize the firmness of intentions to always be together, thematic tattoos are done on the ring fingers, choosing one common sketch.

Couple tattoos for women

Cool pair tattoos can also be chosen as a symbol of female friendship and affection. The same tattoos can express different feelings.

  • Sister love. One of the variants of such drawings is the inscription sister, supplemented by the name of a loved one. An alternative is the date of birth, a semantic phrase that emphasizes the importance of family ties. Girls can choose cartoon compositions depicting dolls and toys as an idea for pair tattoos.
  • The inseparable bond between mom and daughter. A new trend is the decoration of the wrist, forearm and shoulder blade of the two closest people with the same type of tattoos. The themes of such tattoos are endless - from favorite flowers, animals, birds to significant sacred signs. You can enhance the message of the picture by using the words "mom","Daughter" in a native or foreign language.
  • Women's friendship. Often paired girlish tattoos reflect friendly affection, a sense of kinship. Sketches of drawings can demonstrate the presence of common interests, hobbies, or personify a single life idea. For example, an interest in travel will indicate a tattoo in the form of an airplane, a map or a favorite country; passion for music will demonstrate the image of notes, musical instruments, the name of the group (especially for members of the same group).

For girlfriends, inscriptions indicating the date of acquaintance, constellations, floral patterns are relevant, which may not carry a deep meaning, but simply reflect warm sincere emotions towards each other.

Couple tattoos for men

Men's paired tattoos 2023 are also quite diverse. Most often, they personify strong male friendship, the ability to always come to the rescue in difficult situations. Men, as a rule, choose semantic inscriptions, sacred signs, images of anchors, pictures of nature.

Among the best paired tattoos for men, drawings made in the form of a puzzle stand out separately. Two parts of one whole can add up to a picture symbolizing your favorite sport, a landmark date, a phrase that is a common life motto. If the tattoo is designed to reflect a family connection, you can approach its design as creatively as possible, creating a sketch that will become a kind of generic mark.

Choosing the option of paired tattoos, you need to carefully approach the interpretation of future drawings. Any wearable pattern reflects on the inner world of a person, and paired signs carry a double load. An experienced master will help you choose a drawing, eliminating the duality of its message. Then the double tattoo will fulfill the mission assigned to it - it will create or reliably strengthen a strong invisible bond between two people.

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