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Anubis Tattoo

Anubis tattoo is charged with a load of powerful energy, since it’s typically associated with mysticism, religion, and the mystery of Egypt. Anubis is an ancient Egyptian god with a human body and the head of a wolf (jackal), the patron saint of the dead and a guide to the afterlife. This mysterious character of Egyptian culture may be interpreted in very different ways. Often, Anubis tattoo sketches imply many contradicting meanings and beget a great number of various opinions.

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Best Anubis Tattoo Styles

The iconic character of ancient Egyptian mythology reveals his versatile personality when depicted on a tattoo in different ways. A god with a jackal's head may reflect the outlook on life of the person who wears it, and this outlook is usually gloomy and fatalistic. It may also demonstrate invulnerability against the forces of evil, exude determination and disobedience to the laws of the human world, or the desire to become closer to everything mystical and sacred.

Much depends on the technique which was used to create the Anubis tattoo.


Attention to details, depth of colors, play of light and shadow - and the mythical god becomes real, silently accompanying and protecting your life.

Such a tattoo reveals a darker perception of reality, and symbolizes the ability to see hidden meaning and concepts. When done in realistic technique, Anubis tattoo most commonly depicts the Egyptian god frontal or half-turned so that we can see his eyes. Anubis follows the observer's gaze, and the tattoo obtains a hypnotic effect.


This one is not a separate technique, but a general name for several styles that are based on skillfully working strokes and lines.

Graphic Anubis appears tough and uncompromising, and the tattoo itself is highly symbolic. It manifests determination and rigidity, as well as great courage and the tendency to choose the hardest path on the way to the goal. There is no place for excess decorations: only well-defined lines and a clear picture of the world of the person who’s wearing the tattoo.

Trash Polka

Trash polka tattoos are mainly black & red. Anubis is done in realistic, graphic, geometric or some other style using black pigment. Red color is used to create a collage effect to give more expressiveness to the tattoo.

Trash polka tattoo style is a combination of decadence, surrealism and fatalism: a frightening image is filled with melancholy and reminds how fast the river of time flows, and lets us think about everything that floats along it from the past to the future.

Egyptian Style

The name speaks for itself: this is a technique that’s very typical of Ancient Egypt. Anubis can look the way he was depicted on the walls of temples - frontal picture, holding an ankh or a bamboo rod in the hands, with bright details. It also may be a jackal god in the style typical of ancient Egyptian figurines: Anubis is of black color, depicted frontal, wearing a nemes, and his body is frozen in anticipation of a new soul which he will send to the kingdom of the dead.

In the Egyptian style, multiple colors can be used, but it is important to stick to the ancient Egyptian traditions, so that your tattoo acquires not only aesthetic value, but also a deep sacred meaning.

Anubis Tattoo: Basic Colors

Depending on the color palette of the tattoo, its vibes can vary greatly - from gloomy and cynical, to defiant and even caricatured sarcastic.


Traditionally, Anubis is depicted in a two color combo: black and red, black and gray, gray and navy blue, etc. But in the Egyptian style, a greater variety of shades are welcomed, just like in the ancient Egyptian culture. The bamboo wand has yellow and blue stripes, the nemes is yellow and black, and the background of the image is complemented by different colors and shades.

If fitting in a certain style is not the most important thing for you, you can make adjustments to the sketch or even create your own according to your vision.


Black-colored jackal god is the brightest and most expressive option. However, in this case, a high level of skill is required from the tattoo artist, since the tattoo acquires expressiveness through the play of light and shadow, as well as thoughtful and smooth transitions from a denser pigment to a less saturated one.

Graphics and realism - these are the styles that make black Anubis look truly impressive. The main part of a trash polka tattoo is also done in black, and the rest of the graphic elements in red are a ‘decoration’, against which the jackal headed god becomes even more symbolic.

Anubis Tattoo: Meanings

According to legends, this god had supreme power over other gods and people. Anubis can ruthlessly punish for offense, and generously encourage for pleasing deeds. In general, his character can be talked about for ages, but if we’re honest, he was the embodiment of justice, albeit in a dark sense.

Someone who has an Anubis tattoo can be characterized as an impartial, domineering, and fearless person. This tattoo can also mean that the person has not yet found a purpose in life. There is an opinion that Anubis was guarding drugs and poisons, which, interpreted in tattoo context, may mean a desire to go forward with an incommensurable inner potential, a path to the unexplored.

Often Anubis is depicted with other symbols, for example, with a heart, representing good deeds; with deities (daughter of Anubis, goddess of freshness and purification - Kebechet; Wepwawet - the ‘Opener of the Ways’, etc.), meaning solidarity and belonging to a higher caste.

The image of Anubis against the full moon background expresses a special attitude to the night time, usually of those people who are more productive and feel better at night.

Despite the fact there are multiple interpretations of Anubis tattoo, the most common meanings are the following:

  • warding off the mystic malevolent forces of the world;
  • passion for exploring all the unknown;
  • internal struggle;
  • purposefulness.

Anubis tattoo may carry a different meaning for someone who is fond of Ancient Egypt history and mythology, though.


Men should consider trash polka, realism and graphic tattoos as their win-win options. A huge number of sketches in these styles will make it possible for you to choose the tattoo that would suit your personal outlook on life and have a meaning that you’d like to attach to your tattoo.

The body part is completely up to you, but there are certain limitations.

It is much better to get a symmetrical Anubis image at the back of your neck, along the midline of the back or chest, etc. For a large tattoo, a large area of ​​skin is needed (shoulders, thighs, etc.), otherwise it will not look good.


Anubis is mostly a male tattoo, but women still often go for this one.

Preferred styles are Egyptian, ornamental, watercolor, new school and so on, as well as emphasis on naturalness or, vice versa, pronounced artistry and pretentiousness.

Thousand years ago, Anubis became one of the main gods of Ancient Egypt, and today he has become one of the most popular requests in tattoo salons.

On our website, you can check out tons of tattoo examples, choose the sketch you like and contact the tattoo artist that impressed you the most.

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