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Dark Pedicure

A dark pedicure is an ideal solution for creating a restrained, minimalistic toenail design, the main advantage of which is sophistication and elegance. Dark and black colors look interesting in a monochromatic pedicure design, but if you wish you can use additional decorative elements that will catch everyone's attention and add charm to the pedicure.

Trendy Ideas for Casual and Festive Dark Pedicure Designs

Dark toenail polish paired with fashionable shades looks stylish, delicate, and luxurious.

  • Dark blue pedicure. Dark blue color is as close to black as possible, however, such a pedicure looks more interesting and creative. The design can serve as a harmonious addition to both a formal or teen wardrobe, therefore it truly deserves to be called versatile.
  • Burgundy toenails. It's a dark, rich, glamorous color especially when it comes to autumn pedicure designs.
  • Dark green pedicures. Dark green is considered a beautiful saturated shade that emphasizes your sense of style.
  • Dark purple toenails. It’s a perfect choice for a festive look. A dark purple pedicure goes beautifully with romantic outfits, a classic little black dress, or a suit.
  • Gray toenails. A popular choice of fans of minimalism. Gray toenail polish looks especially attractive in a matte texture. A gray pedicure is often combined with black, white, light pink, silver, or golden colors.
  • Black toenail designs. Black color is an all-time classic. A black pedicure goes well with any style of clothing, matches almost any wardrobe, and is appropriate in any season. Solid blacn toenails can be adorned with decorative elements, contrasting patterns and pictures. The color is eye-catching, so make sure that your toenails and feet are well-groomed.


Small and large rhinestones add festivity to a dark or black pedicure. Such decorative elements can be combined with any shades, so feel free to experiment with textures or adorn a dark and black pedicure with a variety of techniques.


Foil is an easy and simple way to upgrade a dark pedicure. You can use amazing elements of gold, silver, or copper foil and combinations of textures to create stunning and sophisticated nail designs for a special occasion.

You can find a lot of interesting dark pedicure ideas from top-notch nail artists from all over the world on our website. Get inspired by trendy ideas and create a unique toenail design for your look.


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