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Pedicure with Pictures

Pedicures with pictures are a classic nail design that is suitable for any season of the year. For example, floral and lace patterns, pictures of fruit and sea-themed designs are in trend in summer. In winter, you can create a festive design with patterns associated with the holiday season and winter, such as snowflakes, Christmas tree toys, snowmen, etc. We invite you to look through the photo gallery of works provided by experienced nail artists from all over the world so that you can draw inspiration for a unique design of your next pedicure.

Peculiarities of Pedicure with Pictures

Various patterns and watercolor prints are popular options for adorning nails not only of the hands, but also of the feet. With the help of modern materials and advanced techniques, nail artists are able to create truly artistic masterpieces that become a fine element of a stylish outfit.

Summer Pedicure

Trendy pictures for summer toenails are:

  • floral patterns in the watercolor technique;
  • fruit;
  • butterflies;
  • birds;
  • geometric patterns;
  • hearts;
  • sea-themed patterns: anchors, blue and white stripes, starfish, waves.

Pedicures in the spider web technique are also popular. Unusual patterns can be complemented with shiny foil, confetti, or rhinestones.

Winter Pedicure

In winter, Christmas- and winter-themed pictures are in trend:

  • shiny snowflakes;
  • images of Santa Claus;
  • fir branches, Christmas tree ornaments, garlands;
  • animals;
  • stars, fireworks.

Spring Pedicure

The onset of spring is reflected in all spheres of fashion, including pedicure design. There is a sharp change in the color palette and the pictures on the toenails correspond to the spring mood. Usually spring toenails are adorned with:

  • floral patterns;
  • geometric designs;
  • abstract pictures.

Autumn Pedicure

The main attribute of autumn pedicure is minimalism when it comes to pictures. Yellow, brown, green, copper colors are in vogue as they convey the natural colors of autumn.

Pedicures with pictures can be decorated with rhinestones, glitter, foil, or confetti. The design can be very diverse as there are no limits to the imagination and creativity of nail artists.


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