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Wedding Toe Nail Designs

A wedding pedicure is a must when it comes to a perfect wedding outfit. Nail artists offer many options for wedding toenails of any style, so every bride can find a design that suits her wedding dress and the style of the ceremony in general. You can find many ideas for a wedding pedicure in our photo gallery, which can help you to look more than excellent on such an important day.

Peculiarities of wedding pedicure designs

Wedding toenails stand out from other pedicure designs. The choice of the color scheme and decorative elements is paramount when it comes to designing toe nails for weddings. Professional nail artists recommend avoiding experiments with bright, unusual shades, and give preference to polishes of natural colors instead, for example:

  • cream white;
  • cotton white;
  • light pink;
  • beige;
  • peach pink.

Such shades work beautifully with the wedding outfit, adding sophistication, elegance, and tenderness to the bridal attire. 

Trendy wedding pedicure ideas


French is one of the most successful design options for wedding toenails, as it harmoniously combines beauty, simplicity and versatility in itself. You can use colorful rhinestones as decorative elements to adorn the lunula of a big toenail leaving the other fingers single-colored. Another design idea is to lay out beautiful patterns from rhinestones of different sizes to match the wedding theme.

Delicate lace, floral, and geometric patterns that complement the whole toenail or part of it are a perfect addition to a wedding French pedicure. You can experiment with gold or silver foil to create unusual fancy designs. A French pedicure goes well with almost every wedding dress. A bride can't go wrong with French toenails.


The ombre technique has been in the lead among wedding pedicure designs for several seasons already. If you are planning a wedding ceremony in a traditional style, it’s better to go for a ombre pedicure. A smooth gradient from white to pink or light blue creates an ethereal effect. You can also accentuate your big toe nail with bright decorative elements:

  • rhinestones;
  • glitter;
  • pearlescent chrome powder;
  • floral patterns;
  • geometric patterns.

Snow white

A wedding pedicure design in white is a win-win solution to bring out your fabulous outfit and show your impeccable taste. If you think that a solid white pedicure is better off with nail accessories, go for it. For example, rhinestones of different shapes and sizes can be laid out in the form of a lace pattern or a crown. Silver and gold foil can add a touch of solemnity to the image. You can experiment with textures, alternating matte and glossy polish on your toes.

Wedding marble pedicure design

Marble pedicure for a wedding is a very attractive and elegant design. Polishes of delicate shades are perfect for the base:

  • light pink;
  • blue;
  • beige;
  • peach pink.

Marble stains can be painted with a thin brush and white transparent polish. There is another option to achieve a marble effect: You can draw dark, transparent stains on a white base. Both techniques are great.

Chrome powder

Chrome powder is all about brightness and elegance, that's why it’s a common pick when it comes to a wedding pedicure. You can accentuate a big toe nail with shiny chrome powder and rhinestones and leave the rest of the toenails painted a neutral shade.

You can make your pedicure unique by combining chrome powder with other decorative elements:

  • confetti;
  • rhinestones;
  • sequins;
  • glitter.

A wedding pedicure is rarely adorned with intricate and complex patterns. Floral and lace patterns are usually drawn in a minimalist style. 

A wedding pedicure with chrome powder should match the bride's outfit and be done in pale pink, white, peach shades.


A nude wedding pedicure is a time-tested classic. A solid coating creates simple and on-trend design. Matte polish in nude shades looks very beautiful on toenails. To make your wedding pedicure look more festive, you can embellish one toenail with sequins, foil patterns, rhinestones, and paintings.

Wedding pedicure and manicure in the same style

Elegant and stylish wedding nail design will complement any dress and shoes. A nail design in the same style will look great on both fingers and toes.

A wedding pedicure should be in balance with the bride's outfit, so it is important to choose a design and decorative elements carefully. Modern materials and techniques allow you to create the most delicate wedding toenails, so that on this magical day every bride feels like a queen.


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