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Nails Paints

Check out the examples of nails painted by the best nail artists from around the world. At you are sure to find a large photo collection of manicure designs, choose a nail tech you like the most and book an appointment with any one of those from your city.

Today, a wide range of existing nail art techniques makes it possible to do your nails using a variety of artistic designs and decorations. The imagination of nail artists and nail lovers literally has no limits.

Creating Nail Paints

Before applying the painting, a nail artist usually takes into account nail length, nail shape, the season, takes a closer look at your appearance and ultimately sticks to your preferences. Nail design options are so diverse that nail technicians have to bring their ideas to life, combining various techniques and coming up with new ideas on the go, while doing a manicure.

Stylish Nail Paint Ideas

  • Flowers. What could be more appropriate for the summer season than flowers on a woman's beautiful nails? Alternatively, you can paint all the nails some basic background shade, while flowers are drawn on the middle and ring fingers only. They can be of bright red or blue color shades. By drawing a thin line, you can depict a green branch or a single leaf. However, it is preferable to choose light beige, white or light pink color shades.
  • Polka dot: an interesting option that all nail artists are in love with. Such drawing will conquer your heart with its simple and harmonious look. As a rule, it is done in beige color shade, but the ‘cocoa with milk’ will look stunningly unusual. White dots are placed in strict order, and sometimes tiny circles or hearts of contrasting shades are added to such nail design.
  • Stripes. It is extremely complicated to take your eyes off such manicure; the stripes on the nails look laconic and restrained. Rich blue and purple hues can serve as a beautiful background. The stripes are painted using different colors, which usually are white or yellow. It’s also recommended to a bright pink stripe for a change. Besides, you can create stripes of different lengths. Isn't it creative?
  • Manicure with a treat or fruit painting. A really nice nail design idea for the summer season, where juicy fruits are the main treats. For example, place the kiwi pattern on the nails of your middle or ring fingers, paint other nails yellow, and apply a white stripe onto the area along the edge of the nail: a perfect choice for a hot and sunny summer.
  • Drawings and rhinestones – a perfect night-out manicure option! For example, eating out in a fancy restaurant requires sophistication and beauty in detail. Wearing an evening dress, you should choose an elegant manicure with glitter. In this case, rhinestones will be just right. The background color can be chosen to match the dress color, or you can make it neutral so that the attention of others is drawn to the rhinestones, mysteriously glowing in the light of evening lamps.

Choosing and creating a gorgeous manicure design with a painting is not a problem for a professional nail tech. The main thing is that the beauty of your gorgeous hands is emphasized, and your nails are decorated, complementing the whole look as much as possible.

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