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Striped Nails

Striped nails are always simple and elegant, but they still draw the attention of others with their originality and non-standard look. Nails with vertical, diagonal and horizontal stripes, done using several color combinations and décor elements, have long been quite common when it comes to the most non-trivial and stunning types of art design.

Multiple photos of the trendiest striped nail designs are gathered in an extensive collection of works at In addition, on our website you can book your manicure appointment with a nail tech from your city.

Striped Nails and Beautiful Nail Design Options

  • Acrylic nail polish in natural shades of white, light green, lemon yellow and blue is often used to complement the stripes and create a beautiful vintage style. If you add some black stripes, your restrained manicure will turn into a chic casual nail look.
  • Nails with horizontal stripes in combination with contrasting and bright colors look super catchy and colorful! It’s the exact manicure that is sure to attract the attention of others.
  • Black and white striped nail design with geometric lines, nails decorated with glitter, sequins, rhinestones, and nail powder can become a great option for a party nail look.
  • Shiny gold foil stripe will harmoniously fit into a look for the fall-winter season.
  • Transparent foil stripe manicure design is a great idea for festive and special occasions.
  • Vertical stripes in a nail design have a practical function: they visually lengthen the nail plate and can help you hide some minor imperfections of the nail shape.
  • If you want to dilute a cold-tone gel polish manicure design and avoid overloading it, feel free to use a special ribbon.

The existing variety of nail products never ceases to amaze nail addicts from all over the world. Nail technicians are pretty sure that striped nails can not only diversify your everyday look, but also add a touch of style and creativity to the whole image.


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