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Neon Nails

A neon manicure is always bright, bold, and eye-catching. Such nails have been trending since the 1990s. However, some new techniques have appeared and color combinations have changed. Today, there are plenty of matching shades that enable you to create a super dazzling neon nail art on your nails. 

Common Colors in 2023

Trendy neon shades in 2023 are orange, yellow, light green, and blue. Neon coatings will match nails of any length and shape. Short neon  nails look more moderate. If you decorate the nails with paintings or rhinestones, you will get a flattering manicure for a party. Go easy with decorations on long nails. Otherwise, your manicure will look vulgar and flashy.


Orange can be combined with the basic colors, such as black and white. Orange coatings can be complemented by floral motifs, trendy abstract nail art, an orange slice with 3D translucent drops. If you are on a more reserved side, try neon French nails decorated with a few rhinestones.


Neon yellow is considered an eccentric and bizarre color. If you want to get a more moderate manicure, add white or gray color. Yellow ombre and moon nails are especially popular. Mismatched yellow and pink nails also look amazing.


Neon pink is feminine and delicate. Both pink and orange ombre nails and French nails complemented by 3D elements, glitter, or glitter look eye-catching. In addition, pink quail egg nail art is another brilliant option.


A rich green matches nails of any length and shape. It goes well with silver that can highlight the lunula to make the look more unusual. Foil and black stickers will upgrade your bright nails.

Neon Nail Design

Neon nails are vivid themselves, so decorations should not be excessive. The most common variants are abstract patterns and paintings, such as fruit, flowers, and sea creatures.


The ombre technique, which is in style in 2023, allows for showing the beauty of several shades at once. Neon colors perfectly blend and complement each other. It is better not to apply rhinestones and sequins to ombre nails. Create summer paintings, such as palm trees, instead.


A French manicure always looks classy regardless of its variation. We suggest trying French tips performed in the form of colorful flames. Plus, you can cover your nails with a matte top coat.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric nails done with neon colors look refreshing. You can add dots, stripes, and tiny paintings that effectively complement the manicure. Neon colors should not go together with complex designs. However, minimalist nail art will make your nails unique.

Matte Neon Manicure

A matte top coat will bring an unusual and chic velvety effect to a neon manicure. A velvety finish can both brighten up your nails and make the color more vivid. Trendy nail art for matte neon nails is black or silver geometric patterns.

Finding the right nail design may sometimes be difficult. You can find the best nail design ideas on Check out nail artists' portfolios, choose the design and feel free to try new things!

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