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Nails with Foil

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of getting a colorful manicure with foil done on your pretty fingers by a pro nail industry specialist. is your best advisor when it comes to choosing foil nails for an important occasion. You will definitely find some cute nail designs in our large photo collection. When you do, don’t hesitate to book your nail appointment with a nail technician from your city online.

Fashion is changing by leaps and bounds. We don’t even have time to get used to a trend, when a new one goes in and changes the game.

Decorations for nails are so various that you can radically change your nail looks even every day. We’d like to go a little bit deeper into the topic of doing your own nails and decorating them with foil.

Such manicures look elegant and original. It is literally perfect for long, stiletto-shaped nail extensions.

It is highly recommended that the base coat is a single color along the entire nail plate. On natural nails, you should try applying several layers of pastel nail polish.

The following tools and materials are required to do a nail art with foil:

  • pieces of thin multi-colored foil;
  • clear nail polish or special glue;
  • small scissors;
  • tweezers and a toothpick;
  • thin brush;
  • white and black nail polish.

Foil Manicure Design: Step By Step

  1. Cut some geometric shapes out of a multicolored foil. Apply a little glue to the places where the foil is supposed to be fixated.
  2. Apply the foil and press it down carefully. It is more convenient to do this with tweezers and a toothpick, so that the glue doesn’t smear over the nail, and the pattern lies evenly.
  3. After laying out the entire pattern, outline the outer contours of the foil elements with black nail polish. It is easier to apply it with a very thin paint brush.
  4. To add some volume to the pattern, emphasize the waves and curls of the pattern using white nail polish.
  5. As soon as the white nail polish is dried, fixate it with a clear one.

Seems complicated for you? Just contact a nail tech from our website and you will never need to worry about how to create an exquisite foil manicure design!

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