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Kindergarten Prom Kids' Hairstyles

Every girl wants to be the most beautiful princess, especially at kindergarten graduation. You can hardly find a mother that is not bothered with her kid's graduation look. A splendid hairstyle is a perfect way to jazz it up.

When it comes to picking up a hairstyle for a little girl, consider the length and texture, style of her hair, the color of her outfit, and constitution.

The puffier the little lady's dress is, the more exquisite her hairstyle should be. On the contrary, an elegant dress is better off paired with a classic hairstyle. As children tend to be restless, it might be challenging to make them sit still and create an intricate hairstyle for kindergarten graduation. That's why it's better to seek help from experienced hair stylists.

Going with a perfect hairstyle for a child, keep in mind that it should be comfy yet neat, so that a little princess enjoys the celebration to her heart's content.

Five basic principles for choosing the right kindergarten graduation hairstyle

  1. Long-lasting style. Secure the hairstyle with hairpins, ribbons, and hairspray so it won't fall out while your kid’s is playing active games.
  2. Comfort. If there's no air conditioning in the hall, wearing loose hair is not a good idea. In this case, create a French twist or a bun leaving some strands loose.
  3. Creativity. A girl should look marvelous on her graduation day. Add a hair accessory like a tiara or headband to make her look even more sparkling.
  4. Balance. The hairstyle should fit in nicely with the rest of the look.
  5. Chemical-free styling. No perms or harmful hair styling products are acceptable for children.

It's essential to create a stunning hairstyle as kindergarten graduation is the first ball for a little princess that will have a special place in her memory.

For short hair

You can upgrade a short haircut with flower hair clips, beaded hair pins, colorful elastics, or a headband. If the hair is long enough, slightly curl it and decorate with a bow or tiara.

A crown braid on short hair is another lovely option. You can pair it with colorful rubber bands or small hairpins.

Ponytails all over the head look intriguing. To create such a hairstyle, you'll need colorful elastic bands or bobby pins with ribbons.

For long hair


Loose hairstyles are the simplest yet eye-catching options for girls of all ages. They have no shortage of variations — straight, wavy, or colored strands, flowers, tiaras, etc.


Braids are perfect for creating graduation hairstyles. You can have a classic voluminous or Dutch braid. If desired, decorate them with flowers, ribbons, or bows.


Dance-lovers will appreciate this option, especially if they wear a tight top or neckless dress. Puff buns are more common among teen girls.


Little beauties with curls look super cute. Loose waves, crystal hairpins, and diamond tiaras will help to create a doll-like look. You can secure the hairstyle with glitter hairspray.

There are different types of curls and waves: coils, big tight curls, or beach waves. You could also consider half-up hairstyles with curls.

Hair bows

Bows are common accessories for kindergarten graduation. They look cute on children's heads. Such hair accessories can be worn on the hair of any length and style. A hairstyle with bows and a splendid dress make a perfect match.


Satin ribbons are another great accessory for kindergarten graduation. For example, complement a bun or crown braid updo with satin strips and hairpins. Such accessories will make simple braids or ponytails look unusual. A side braid decorated with a ribbon gives off vibrant vibes. Plus, curly hairstyles with braids paired with these hair accessories will bring out the charming nature of your little princess.

When it comes to hairstyles for kindergarten graduation, the child’s preferences are what matters the most. It's better to make an appointment with a professional hair stylist who can help choose the option that will suit a little beauty.

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