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Malvina Hairstyle

‘Malvina’ hairstyle is the exact case when behind the playful name there is a popular and interesting hairstyle that has long made girls of all ages fall in love with its prettiness and elegant simplicity.‘Malvina’ way of styling is the following: a certain part of the hair is put in a ponytail, bun or even a messy bun, and the rest of the hair remains loose. ‘Malvina’ hairstyle is a great option not only for long, but also for medium hair length.

‘Malvina’ hairstyle variations:

• classic style;

• ‘Malvina’ hairstyle with twist braids;

• casual style;

• with curls;

• with a braid;

• with a ponytail.

You can also add some volume to this hairstyle to make it look more spectacular.

There is a huge number of ‘Malvina’ hairstyle options that are absolutely worth paying your attention to, so check out our website for some gorgeous ‘Malvina’ hairstyle pics. And, if you haven’t tried ‘Malvina’ hairstyle yet, we highly recommend you to book a hair appointment with a hairstylist who will do your hair in the best possible way!


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