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New Year's Pedicure

In anticipation of New Year’s Eve, every lady wants to make sure all the important details of the festive look are all well put together. In the coming season, a New Year’s pedicure is a must-have. theYou will help you choose a spectacular design that will go well with your chic winter outfit.

In the upcoming season, nail artists are getting ready to surprise fashionistas with a wide variety of New Year’s pedicure designs. All of them are brought to life with the help of trendy techniques, unusual colors, and unexpected combinations of nail decorations.

New Year’s Pedicure Designs

For the 2023 New Year’s Eve pedicure, nail artists suggest decoration in the form of patterns associated with this celebration in new nail art techniques. Nail technicians suggest trying unusual colorful brush strokes, fashionable inscriptions, and chrome powder. Glitter will come in handy in decorating your toenails for New Year’s Eve.

Cat Eye

The iridescent effect of a cat eye pedicure will be the perfect option for those who like to shine on New Year’s Eve. Obviously, rich hues of silver, blue, and gold are relevant this season. The special technique will help you to create a truly magical nail art.


You can use shimmer, glitter with large particles, foil, or mica powder. Each of these shiny design elements will complement a New Year’s pedicure well. A shining ombre pedicure design will look especially elegant. In this technique, glitter is applied to the nail from the root and blended towards the edge of the nail plate.


You can give a New Year's mood to your look with the help of pictures, like snowflakes, mistletoe branches, stars, a Christmas tree, a snowman, or even mittens. Surprisingly, an animal print will be a good idea in this design, because the symbol of the coming year is the Tiger.


A French pedicure is a classic pedicure design option. It can be done in natural-looking color shades, or, vice versa, contrasting hues. You can decorate your toenails with foil, New-Year-themed pictures, and sparkling rhinestones.

Trendy New Year’s Pedicure Colors 

The most fashionable colors for a New Year’s pedicure come in dark and light color palettes. Both light and dark shades go well with shimmery nail art. The most popular colors for a New Year’s Eve pedicure are gold, white, silver, and blue.


White looks sophisticated and gentle on toenails. It is perfect for solid color toenails and colorful designs alike. Glitter will also be a stylish detail. In New Year’s pedicures, a white polish can be used to create a cute snowflake pattern, mittens, or a snowman. White toenails can be decorated with kami fubuki.


Red toenails look magical. This vibrant color will look great under a matte top coat. Gold and silver overflows of glitter, foil, or rhinestones can perfectly complement passionate red. Another stylish pedicure option is highlighting the lunula using a different color.


Blue toenails are perfect for gentle and romantic ladies. In addition, blue goes well with other pastel colors. As for designs, feel free to draw snowflakes, intricate patterns, or lace ornaments.


Black color looks elegant and luxurious on toenails. It can be combined with other contrasting colors of the palette or supplemented with sparkling rhinestones, kami fubuki, and shiny glitter. The ombre technique is also a good idea: black, just like a haze, fades away towards the edge of the nail plate.

You can take a closer look at the most unusual New Year’s pedicure ideas in our catalog. Find more fantastic designs by the best nail artists from all over the world, and choose the best ones!

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