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Solid Color Nails

Solid color manicure is a timeless classic that seems to never lose its relevance. And even though some people think that it is boring and dull, a beautiful one color nails are sure to make the whole image look more interesting.

Take a look at some stunning photos of solid color nails which are presented in an extensive collection at Like a particular nail design or the whole portfolio of a nail tech? On our website, we provide you with an opportunity to book your nail appointment in your city online.

Who Should Wear One Color Nails?

  • For ladies who lead an active lifestyle and are inclined to choose simple outfits, solid color nails will be a good choice, as they are likely to suit any clothing and makeup.
  • For business women, a single tone nail design is the most practical one, since it’ll be suitable for both office everyday looks and business meetings.

Solid Color Nails: Trendy Shades of Manicure

One color nail designs are suitable for any nail length and shape. A classic nail design in natural color tones will flatter female hands in any situation.

When it comes to painting your nails one color, it is recommended to take the time of the year into account. However, everything depends, so feel free to unleash your imagination and choose the manicure that would go with your appearance and lifestyle best.

  • In winter, pastel colors are preferable, while during the summer season it’s better to stick to extravagant and unique color shades. On a hot sunny day, nails look really fresh painted yellow, orange, red or light green tones.
  • For spring and summer, choose pastel colors, pinkish and soft shades of white, blue, baby blue, lavender, yellow-red, light green, lilac – believe us, these colors will be an excellent decision.
  • For autumn and winter seasons, use more restrained and muted shades of blue, green, burgundy, purple, black, and coffee color tones.

Those nail artists who follow latest fashion trends have recently noticed that more and more women are choosing naturalness, including natural looking nail designs that emphasize elegance and femininity. One color natural looking nail art is the most popular manicure technique at the moment. It looks stylish and sophisticated, and the variety of colors lets us come up with a sophisticated nail design for any occasion.


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