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Glitter Nail Design

Manicure design with glitter is a popular trend, relevant and always appropriate not only for special occasions, but also for everyday wear. This brilliant manicure design often attracts attention, looks spectacular, luxurious and incredibly beautiful. It looks equally attractive on long, medium and short nail length.

Experienced nail technicians know that glitter comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can also be included in nail polish texture or sold separately.

According to the type of application, glitters are divided into two types:

  • dry (sequins, shimmer),
  • wet (which are part of the nail polish).

Glitter manicure design is in perfect harmony with the nature during the spring and summer seasons. This is the exact time of the year when pro nail artists get maximum pleasure from experimenting with designs and nail decor options, using glitter or glitter nail polishes. In the spring and summer seasons, attention is mainly focused on pastel and warm shades. This smooth combination can be decorated with various patterns. Glitter manicure designs are often magnificently decorated with monograms, stripes, patterns and flowers that are created on nails with shimmer, glitter or sequins.

Glitter manicure design is the main trend of the fall and winter months of 2023. It's not a secret that in this gorgeous manicure a huge palette of shades can be used, vividly reflecting the calm images of the above-mentioned seasons. In fall, a relevant manicure design will feature the rainy and modest beauty of withering nature, and festive mood and positive thoughts in winter.

Glitter nail designs are also appropriate on the wedding day. A unique wedding manicure can be complemented with intricate patterns, crystals, foil, mica, and other décor elements and techniques.

You can find good examples of glittery nail design for a luxurious manicure in the photo gallery put together by experienced nail artists.


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