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Beige Nails

Beige nails go well with any outfit, as they look natural and stylish. This kind of manicure can look good both with and without decorations, because it's hallmark is neutrality, and it is suitable for long and short nails of any shape.

Beige Manicure for Short and Long nails

Beige manicure is versatile, and it can be decorated with any other color. Beige color shade is a base one, therefore it’s appropriate for a variety of styles: office clothes and romantic looks, casual style, retro, boho and others. Try doing sophisticated and simple designs - they are sure to look amazing on beige nails.

Short nails

Matte or glossy single-color beige designs are best for short nails. It is not recommended to overdo them with tons of decor elements, though. If the nails are very short, it would be enough to emphasize their shape by applying minimalistic and geometric patterns - stripes, lines, polka dots, or decorate a couple of nails with a few rhinestones.

Foil will also look beautiful, as well as a small pastel pattern or lace on one of your nails. Beige French, lunar, marble manicure or just a neat pattern on short nails will emphasize the grace and beauty of your fingers and hands.

Long nails

Bright beige long nails are very unlikely to ever go out of fashion. To add festivity to your nail look, add glitter and rhinestones to the pastel shade. Currently, black spider web design applied onto beige is trending like never before.

Lunar and gradient manicure done in beige tones looks fresh and modern. However, it looks rather restrained, and does not attract much attention. This soft and discreet nail look is great for everyday wear.

Don't hesitate to use foil to add some shine to your nails. You can apply it to all nails or just one or two of them to diversify the monochromatic nail look.

Minimalistic patterns will make your manicure look more original. Black ornaments and strokes, polka dots and lines will add a unique touch to the image.

Beige Nail Design

When choosing a manicure design, it is crucial to take your nail length and shape into account, and make sure it’s appropriate for the occasion. If you need a nail design for everyday wear, it is better to use classic soft decor elements on several fingers. For an important event or holiday, you can add some foil or rhinestones, glitter, paintings, or even do a bright ombre French manicure.

French Nails

The classic beige French manicure fits perfectly into the office style. However, if you are bored with the classics, you can diversify your manicure using trendy techniques.

These include:

  • airbrushing;
  • hand painting;
  • stamping.

You can add festivity to classic French nails by applying rhinestones. Feel free to put emphasis on the lunula or create a pattern using these shiny stones.

Golden Nails

Golden manicure design always looks elegant and is suitable for any event - weddings, parties, and dates. Besides, there are plenty of options for seasonal, everyday, and festive designs for those who are keen on beige shattered glass nails. For this type of manicure nail techs use a special kind of foil, pre-cut into small pieces. As a rule, they symmetrically decorate several nails on both hands.

With the help of gold nail polish, you can create stripes, tiny hand paintings, or emphasize the lunula. Black stripes look interesting on beige and gold backgrounds.


Using rhinestones, you can greatly diversify your manicure. Depending on the upcoming occasion and your style, you can use rhinestones of different shades - silver or gold, red, black, and so on. If the nails are short, a simple design is the best option - just add a couple of rhinestones to 1 or 2 of your nails. If the nails are long enough, it’s advisable to come up with a more complex pattern - an ornament or a stripe.


Glitter and sparkles can make your manicure look festive and vibrant. It’s highly recommended to use rich shades to flatter your pretty fingers. Moreover, using glitter you can put emphasis on the lunula, or form sophisticated geometric shapes out of it. You can try applying different shades to one of your nails: it can be covered with large black sparkles, and a glossy top coat.


One of the most popular nail designs is a black spider web on a beige background. Animal print on 1 or 2 nails also looks very stylish. In addition, flower paintings or graphics will help to make your nails look unique. When doing patterned beige manicure, a professional nail technician will skillfully play with contrasting colors.

Matte Beige Nails

Matte top coat looks extremely neat and stylish. In fact, it looks quite impressive even with no nail design, but you can still use rhinestones or glitter, paintings, stamping, nail powder, foil or mirror powder for a change.

However, it is not recommended to apply several nail art techniques on matte nails at once - it is better to choose one of them to decorate a couple of nails, putting a beautiful accent on them.

Beige nails will forever remain in vogue. They do not attract undue attention, but still add a sprinkle of elegance to the whole look and emphasize the excellent taste of a woman who is wearing them.

Photos of such nail designs are just amazing! The gorgeous beige color shade is definitely worth paying attention to, so go ahead and check the works by pro nail artists on our website!