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Coffin Nails

Choosing the right nail shape is one of the aspects of a perfect manicure. Not every woman can boast an ideal shape of her nails. To adjust the shape visually, nail artists use a little trick – they make the ballerina nail shape (also called ‘coffin’). In recent years, this shape has enjoyed great popularity with fans of nail art.

For short nails

The ballerina shape on short nails is a stylish look. The shape makes the fingers visually longer and more elegant. A design can feature geometric or abstract patterns. Pastel tones on the ballerina shape also make the fingers visually longer. A solid manicure will benefit from a line made of rhinestones or shiny foil.

For long nails

Long nails are a great canvas. The ballerina shape looks great on this length. You can go for any design: mirror powder, 3D accessories, or shiny rhinestones. Nude ballerina nails are also a great option.

Design Ideas

The design of ballerina nails should be elegant, so do not go too far with additional decorations. There are countless possible design options: French, cat eyes, ombre, rhinestones, glitter, or pictures.


Some designs come into fashion, some go out of fashion, and some become a timeless classic. Take the French manicure, for example. It can be executed in the traditional form or turned into something more unusual. The ballerina shape agrees well with V-shaped arcs on the tips. You can add more accents with glitter or apply a matte topcoat.

With Rhinestones

Ballerina nails allow for creating a 3D picture with rhinestones. Gentle ladies might opt for a lunar manicure, while adventurous women often choose a duo of rhinestones and a picture, for example, stripes.

With Glitter

Shiny designs became a classic long ago. They can be created with shiny powders, glitter, or shimmering polishes. You can paint the tips or the lunulas with a shiny polish. A touch of glitter on the entire ballerina-shaped nail is great for everyday looks.

With Pictures

Minimalistic pictures are great for highlighting the ballerina shape. It is better to paint geometric patterns with contrasting colors or make them with foil. Original animalistic prints are also in. If you aim for a cute look, use simple pictures of hearts and stars.


Gradual transitions from one color to another caused a stir when they made their debut in the nail industry. Long ballerina-shaped nails allow for making a very stylish ombre. It is better to combine contrasting colors. To make the look more interesting and give it a velvety texture, add a matte topcoat.

Popular Colors

Single-color manicure designs will never go out of fashion. The diversity of nail polish colors gives nail art fans pause. Let’s look at the colors that are trending in 2023 and look great with the ballerina shape.


Red is the color of passion. Ladies who prefer a traditional style will always look classy with a red manicure. Feel free to add glitter or a minimalistic pattern to the design for a change.


A solid black manicure looks mesmerizing and makes the fingers more elegant. The cat-eye technique will make black nails look like open space. Another stylish decision is applying mirror powder that will bring out the beauty of black color.


White color and the ballerina shape agree perfectly. A snow-white design will definitely attract the attention of onlookers. For a more powerful effect, add shiny rhinestones.


Maroon is women’s favorite, because it is appropriate for different occasions, from everyday looks to formal or festive events. Large glitter or a marble effect will be a nice touch to a maroon design.


Pink is the color of delicacy. It looks fitting at any event as well. Feel free to decorate your pink manicure with stripes or rhinestones to get an amazing party look. offers you a wide collection of manicure ideas for unusual nail shapes. Check out works of the best manicurists from all over the world and book an appointment with a specialist near you.

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