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White Nails with Foil

Features of white manicure with foil

A manicure with a shiny material is versatile because it looks beautiful on any nail shape and length. In appearance, the design seems complicated, but in execution it is quite simple and accessible to everyone. With a wide selection of decorations, you can experiment and try out unique options for decorating your nails with foil.

To obtain a rich shade, it is recommended to apply at least two layers of top coat. The material is fixed with a special tool, with the exception of thermofoil.

Among the advantages of white manicure with foil are the following:

  • beauty and originality;
  • ease of creation;
  • material availability.

White Foil Manicure Ideas

There are several fashion trends that modern women of fashion choose.

Rainbow Foil

A manicure in this style will give women a great mood for a long time. It is carried out using a transfer film of various colors. Foil paper can be placed over the entire nail, in one part, in layers and in a chaotic manner.


A great option for a relaxed romantic evening or everyday office work. Looks perfect on an almond-shaped nail plate using silver or golden pieces of shiny paper. Strips of any length and width are beautifully combined, located vertically, horizontally.


French manicure with mirror areas looks great on a nail plate of any shape. You can use different shades of film, but silver and gold on a white base look the most elegant.

White manicure with foil is relevant in any season, be it hot summer, golden autumn, snowy winter and sunny spring. For the base, lacquer of matte and glossy textures is used; as decoration, various shades of foil paper are chosen. This gives the master a lot of scope for creativity, as a result of which real masterpieces of manicure art are born.

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