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Square Nails

Having well-manicured and neat hands doesn’t only mean getting a manicure that is perfectly done. The shape of the nails plays a crucial role in your hands’ beauty image. A large photos collection of nail designs for square nail shape is now available on website. We have gathered tons of new ideas and stylish designs, and you have an opportunity to pick a nail artist in any city to book your nail appointment.

Doesn’t matter which nail shape you choose, it should be well-thought-out in order to make your pretty fingers look even more beautiful. Here are some basic nail shapes:

  • square (squoval);
  • oval;
  • almond;
  • stiletto,
  • oval,
  • ‘ballerina’.

The square nail shape is well-known and common among those women, whose fingers are long and thin. This nail shape is quite versatile, as it looks gorgeous both on short and long nails. The only difference is that the short nails will look better in the shape of a rounded square, or squoval. According to professional nail technicians, the square nail shape won’t ever lose its relevance due to its natural look and huge variety of manicure designs that can be done.

Fashion Trends for Square Nail Shape and Its Peculiarities

All the 2023 trends can be described with one statement: "No limits, extraordinary designs and pure creativity only." But for some seasons many of nail artists have been focusing on somewhat natural and solid nail polish colors while manicuring square nails.

  • French manicure. That’s exactly when you can unleash your imagination. For example, feel free to replace the classic French design with a colourful or white strip at the tips of your nails. While creating French manicure on square nails, using various patterns, ribbons, foil, 3D designs or stamping technique will also be relevant.
  • Geometric patterns. Geometric shapes, diagonal lines, triangles and stripes that emphasize the attractiveness of your fingernails will also look aesthetically pleasing on the square nail shape.
  • According to nail art experts, the most delicate and magnificent design for a square nail shape is a manicure with some additional decorations such as rhinestones, guipure, hieroglyphics and original patterns. This will look trendy, stylish and extremely sophisticated.
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