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Golden Nails

Gold manicure is one of those nail designs that can transform your whole look a lot. Combined with suitable color shades, it looks super elegant and festive. Trends are rapidly changing, but some colors will forever attract the attention of others. Let’s take golden manicure design as an example.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of decorating your nails with gold manicure using trendy techniques. Looking for fresh nail ideas? is your best adviser when choosing a stylish nail look for any occasion. In our extensive photo collection you will find golden manicure designs by pro nail techs. Besides, you have an opportunity to book your nail appointment with a nail artist from your city on our website.

Vivid Golden Manicure Examples:

  • It’s a great, glamorous and stylish nail color for wedding manicures. There are tons of striking nail design examples that will suit any young lady.
  • Gold and white. A great color combo that boasts its perfect harmony in design.
  • Simple manicure using golden nail polish color. Gold foil nails are a simple and stylish look that will flatter any nail length and shape.
  • Chrome nails. Flakes of gold foil on clear acrylics make a stunning manicure for any season and occasion. This is a cool design that is sure to catch the attention of others.
  • Gold & silver. If you are into gold with a silver tint, then you will definitely love golden nail designs. Decorate the manicure with a silver glitter nail polish for a smooth gradient color transition.

Gold is a timeless color, with a rich background, it was, is and will always be stunning. Whether it's a wedding or a casual night out, the gold nail color will be a winning option.


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