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Short Nail Design

There’s hardly any woman who wouldn’t enjoy nail care routine and getting her manicure done by a professional nail technician. And even if you’re more into short nails, a neat manicure on your nails will always be trendy and stylish. Today, the variety of manicure designs for short nails is huge, and it doesn’t concede the trendiest nail art techniques applied to long nails.

In fact, nail artists would even paint pictures on your nails if you want that. But every year the manicure fashion changes, so you have to be aware of all the latest nail fashions so that your nails look well-manicured and become a part of your whole image. So, let’s look a little bit deeper into manicure trends for short nails that are most likely to be at the peak of popularity in 2023.

Trendy Designs 2023 for Short Nails - Photos

A huge variety of unusual and original manicure ideas appears every season. Let’s take a look at top 5 best nail art ideas for short nails that would be suitable for any occasion.

  1. A matte finish is sure to give some magnificence and modesty to your look, and if you apply some drawings, decorations and rhinestones that will certainly refresh your manicure, and make it look original and unique.
  2. Gentle marble manicure looks unusual, stylish and fashionable. Marble nails are in perfect harmony with lots of clothing styles, they are still relevant among the younger generation and older women.
  3. Ombre is an excellent nail design for short nails. Spectacular gradient vertical transitions, glitter elements, and French ombre designs will be appreciated even by the pickiest fashion lovers.
  4. Don’t neglect nail art with drawings; it will definitely refresh your whole look. Interesting lettering, portraits and graphics, geometric shapes, floral patterns with the addition of glitter drops or rhinestones will favourably complement your nail design and make it look unique and original.
  5. Use rhinestones, tiny crystals, or even Swarovski pixie crystals when manicuring short nails. Actually, it would be enough to apply them onto a few nails. At the same time, it is recommended to use not only the silver colour, but brighter colour shades as well.

What’s your favorite short nail manicure design idea?

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