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Brown Nail Art

There are some colours that will always be relevant when it comes to manicure design fashion. Brown is exactly what we’re talking about, doesn't matter whether it’s applied to long or short nails. Despite the popular opinion, shades of brown aren’t limited to cold and neutral colours only; there are more than 190 different shades in brown palette.

Besides, outstanding nail experts release nail products of new stunning colors without a break, and they still don’t lack manicure design ideas. On website, you'll find some unexpected works of nail art including timeless brown manicure designs, as well as a huge variety of colourful shades to add some uniqueness to your whole look.

Brown Manicure Designs: Chic Nail Ideas - Photos

  • Transparent nail polish with dark chocolate drop-shaped nail tips is sure to reflect your elegant personality. If you want an unusual design, it is recommended to decorate some of your nails with tiny rhinestones or apply an original drawing.
  • Check out some copper color nail designs if you seek a trendy manicure for the fall / winter season. Experiment with decorating one or two of your fingernails with rhinestones or other 3D elements, so that your manicure reflects the natural charm of a feminine image.
  • Neutral shades of light brown with golden yellow foil looks sophisticated on women’s nails - not too flashy, yet unconventional.
  • Gentle brown manicure color goes well with sparkling glitter, rhinestones and shuttered glass. For a more dramatic contrast, cover your nails with a matte top coat.
  • Geometric shapes will look adorable on sand, cream, soft red, taupe, cocoa, mocha and other shades of brown - believe us, your nails are sure to catch everyone’s eye.
  • Ask your nail technician to draw wide chocolate brown crescents with classic white polka dots along each nail – this kind of manicure hits different if applied onto transparent nail polish.

In order to find your individual style, try creating new brown manicure designs together with our experienced nail artists on! You also have an opportunity to book your manicure appointment in any city.


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