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Baby Blue Nail Art

Blue nail design always tends to surprise and catch everyone’s eyes. Such manicure design is beyond comparison. It’s an especially good idea for parties and other special occasions, as it is relevant any time of the year. What is its secret though? To create a luxurious and stunning sky blue manicure design, nail artists recommend sticking to several rules of decorating your nails.

Blue manicure designs and photos of nail ideas

  • Solid color matte blue manicure design will look casual and airy on nails of any length. Matte blue nails with rhinestones are a striking. It’s a perfect example of a wedding manicure design for spring. Such manicure can be complemented by a gorgeous pattern made of colored rhinestones — the so-called highlight, which will complete the elegant look. The main thing is not to overdo it with nail art, so that the manicure does not turn into something overly pretentious.
  • Do you prefer shiny manicure designs? Such nail art is sure to look glamorous applied onto almond-shaped nails, especially if three of your nails are painted blue color, while two nails are covered with sparkles. It would be much better to select glitter and rhinestone colors that you plan to use in your manicure very thoughtfully.
  • One more tempting blue manicure design idea is a bright and shiny manicure using rhinestones. Apply blue nail polish on two long nails, apply ombre art manicure on two more nails, and then apply a crystal pattern on one of them. Trust me, you will look gorgeous. Your nails are sure to draw everyone’s attention with their glamorous luxury and splendor at any party.

If you think that blue manicure is no longer in, then you are completely wrong. Among the main nail trends 2023 there are mostly light colors, so blue manicure is definitely included in this list. Do not be afraid to experiment with your image, create a unique blue manicure design, and you will always look stylish and irresistible!

Take a look at some trendy blue nail designs in a large photo catalog on our website. Check out our large collection of works by the best nail artists.


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