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Nail Art for Long Nails

Let’s face the fact, real beauty always draws everyone’s attention. And your pretty hands with long nails aren’t likely to leave people indifferent. Some girls are convinced that such manicure is irrelevant this season, but the number of long nails fans is no less than the number of those who are keen on short nails.

You can find the best photos of trendy manicure designs for long nails by pro nail artists down below. You also have an opportunity to pick a nail technician in your city and book a nail appointment.

Shapes That Flatter Your Long Nails: The Biggest Trends 2023

  • Almond shape complemented by various types of decorations and patterns makes your manicure look extremely chic and spectacular. Choose bold manicure designs including geometric and abstract patterns, stamping and drawings, French manicure designs and ombre manicure. Believe us, almond nail shape is the best option for a gala event, corporate party or a night out.
  • The oval shape of the nail plate looks feminine and attractive. By the way, both matte and glossy manicure designs look equally harmonious and classy on this nail shape. Original drawings, patterns, or even monograms will look appropriate here. It is recommended to experiment with colour palette, combining bright shades with pastel tones.
  • The ‘ballerina’ nail shape looks especially sassy on long nails. The manicure looks feminine and sophisticated, just like a ballet pointe. The range of colors recommended includes nude shades, glossy blue & white, pale pink tones.
  • Nail art experts also recommend trying a geometric nail design if you have long square-shaped nails, since this exact nail art will be the most appropriate one for the square shape of your nail plate.
  • ‘Stiletto’ nail shape. With this shape of long nails fingers tend to look much longer and thinner. Manicure done on long sharp nails looks extraordinary and non-trivial, especially if any kind of mirror powder is used. The color palette for this nail shape can be absolutely various.
  • Round-shaped long nails go well with both classic colours and bold nail designs. When the rounded shape of the nail is done, the nail edge reflects the bend of the cuticle and due to this aristocratic and beautiful shape, your fingers can visually be lengthened.

How to Choose a Nail Polish Color

Long and narrow nails look most elegant with wine-colored nail polish applied. Pink and nude tones also look quite feminine and gentle. But it’s better to avoid purple and blue colors. But when it comes to long and wide nails, almost any color will do - you can choose either bright summer shades or more modest ones, depending on the situation.

It’s recommended to paint your nails pastel, milky, or light pink shades for the fall and winter season. With this colour combination, long nails will look very feminine. Besides, a sophisticated and delicate foil decoration is sure to make your manicure so much special and unique. White nails always look flawless themselves, and you can easily combine them with any kind of jewelry.

Feel free to experiment with shades of nail polish and don't be afraid of brand new colour combos!


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