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Geometric Nails

Geometric manicure design is a fun and stylish solution for everyday life that can satisfy the needs of even the most sophisticated ladies. Today, young women leading an active lifestyle adhere to lightness and comfort in everything, including designer manicure.

Features and ideas of manicure geometry season 2023

  1. The first feature of geometric design is the use of simple lines and their appropriate placement. So, the geometry on black and white manicure will dilute even a very sour look, and in the case of parties, outings and festive events, your special nails will not take your eyes off the beautiful outfit.
  2. The second feature of geometry on nails is compatibility with other textures and types of designs. Two or three dashes - and a classic jacket is no longer bland, a wave of a brush - and the matte finish will acquire a peculiar sharpness. Also, don't forget about trends. The final breakthrough in the 2021 season is considered a successful and original tandem - geometry on the nails, beautifully decorated with leaves or flower buds.
  3. The third feature of geometric manicure is the ease of application. You can simply not paint the nail plate, but draw a line or black squares on beautifully processed and neat nails. You will see how it will look - not pretentious, but very tempting.

Geometric Manicure Examples

  • black lines can significantly refresh classic French manicure;
  • a two-color combination with balls, spots, cones looks winning and interesting;
  • geometric shapes are neatly displayed in soft green and blend beautifully with white. Manicure looks feminine and extravagant;
  • shiny geometry on the nails will add a playful and modern touch;
  • the classic combination of black and white will brighten the gold color. Gold hues are a great addition to almost all colors. Thanks to them, nails look festive, and manicure - graceful.

In our photo gallery there are many ideas for decorating nails with geometric shapes. We hope that the works of nail art masters in the photographs can inspire you for a new designer manicure. Isn't that right?

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