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Nails for Seaside

Ideas for sea manicure in summer are distinguished by brighter colors and original designs. And, of course, the main theme is the sea and everything connected with it. And this is not surprising, because such a design already gives positive emotions and arouses the admiration of others.

Need a fresh look? Choose a manicure at sea from a large catalog on the pages of the website. We have collected unique photos with marine manicure designs for different occasions and events. On you can not only see photos, but also choose a master from your city and sign up for a manicure.

Features of marine manicure

Fashion trends in nautical manicure in 2023 largely repeat the ideas of past seasons. First of all, these are bright colors, decorative elements, but the main thing is complete freedom of self-expression, the ability to go beyond the strict dress code and create a unique and inimitable image.

Shades of nails at sea

The color palette of marine manicure is still based on the shades of the water surface, sky, sand and evening sunset. These include all shades of blue, as well as red, yellow, orange, pink, beige, golden, green, mint, lilac colors. In this case, it is not necessary to apply only one shade.

  • The wet gel polish technique is still popular to obtain a wave pattern.
  • Ombre using one color and gradually transitioning to another shade.
  • Gradient manicure that allows you to create stunning patterns with stripes, decorative stickers.
  • Pearlescent nail polish or pearl rub is a great option for a sea party manicure.

Decorative elements in marine manicure

  1. Decorating with rhinestones, stones, various elements of the marine theme.
  2. Using ready-made stickers with pictures: slider design. With their help, you can easily apply an image of marine fauna, tropical flowers, palm trees to your nails.
  3. The effect of the deep sea, fish scales or wet sand.
  4. The "vest" design is not just a classic white and blue pattern, but a huge selection of combinations of other colors. As a highlight is the use of marine-themed decor on 1-2 fingers in the form of a picture or rhinestones.


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