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Acid manicure with neon or fluorescent nail polish looks different than a classic finish. Do you want to be original and stand out at a get-together or a party? Today there are no restrictions in design! Cover one or two nails with neon, or paint the patterns with acid-colored varnish. Contrasts of luminous colors and patterns will make your manicure look unusual and spectacular.

Looking for fresh solutions and images? Choose a manicure in acid tones in the large catalog on the pages of the website. We have collected unique photos of manicure designs for different occasions and events. On you can not only see photos, but also choose a master from your city and sign up for a manicure.

Fashionable options for acidic manicure with neon

  • Rainbow leopard neon nail art

Looks quirky and interesting at the same time. Four neon nail polishes are used for this design: red, pink, blue and yellow. Diagonal patterns with these colors are printed with a leopard print.

  • Geometric Nail Designs

Take pink, yellow, light green and orange neon polish. Try combining geometric and abstract ribbons or stripes.

  • Rainbow Zebra Manicure

Five neon colors are used for this design:

  1. purple,
  2. blue,
  3. light green,
  4. yellow,
  5. pink.

With the help of a brush (stripper) and black varnish, a zebra pattern is drawn, going to the center of the nail plate on both sides.

  • Abstraction

The game of opposites and manicure with intricate abstraction looks interesting and original on nails.

  • Simple Acid Manicure Designs

Paint your nails neon yellow and one hot pink. The design is ready. Apply the top and enjoy!

  • Neon French

Neon pattern on stylized French manicure will emphasize individuality. And matte and glossy shades of bright varnishes, applied to the neat shape of nails, will help transform an acid-neon jacket into an incredible sight.

  • Minimalism

From a cold mix to a mixture of different shades - design variations in the style of minimalism are greatnumber. Fans of acid manicure especially note the successful novelty in manicure - color block. It is a combination of two or more contrasting shades, such as neon and complex designs in acid colors.

You can safely decorate your manicure with rhinestones, sparkles, velvet sand and other versatile decor to get an enchanting nail design in bright neon acid colors.

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