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Avocado nail designs look fantastic. Lovers of the southern fruit will especially like the stylish nail art with it, as playing with fresh green color and interpreting the skin and bone in different ways is a pleasure for a professional nail art master.

Avocado Manicure Suggestions and Ideas

  • Fruit is often drawn in section, which is a great option for trendy nail art.
  • In designer manicure, the masters depict avocados on the nails very clearly and naturally in order to focus on the author's nail art.
  • Fruit platter on nails along with avocado is a spectacular tropical composition, especially suitable for summer holidays.
  • To give your nails a unique stylish look, just place the avocado on 1-2 fingers. Moreover, on a matte finish, this idea looks very stylish and elegant.

Avocado manicure is suitable for all nails

  • Avocado looks very interesting on short length of nails. In addition, the application of the fruit on a translucent or transparent background is considered a good solution. The avocado design is also ideally combined with a delicate jacket. The fruit can be decorated both realistically and in a cartoon version.
  • Long nails are perfect for making fantasy dreams come true. A manicure can be decorated with glitter shine, small or large crystals, stones. The colors are very diverse.
  • Avocado on almond nails is the choice of nail art fans who want to add sophistication and sophistication to the image. The fruit looks very harmonious on almond-shaped nails because it itself resembles either an apple or a pear, and fits perfectly into the contour of the almond nail plate.
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