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Challenge yourself with a defiant manicure! The website presents a large catalog of interesting works of nail service masters from all over the world. Experts share examples of their work so that you can get out of the usual framework and create the same rainbow, unique and daring images in your manicure.

Brightness and bold colors in manicure are the choice of a confident girl. And saturated colors are beyond competition. An extraordinary manicure design embodies courage in life, vitality and optimism.

Design of a fashionable daring manicure with a photo on

Daring manicure is a winning option for summer and spring, the design of which is so unusual and memorable that it can be attributed to modern nail art. In a cold and sad time, it will also caress your eyes and lift your spirits, give you freshness and originality.

Along with a calm and delicate palette of shades, bright manicure noticeably contrasts, emphasizes individuality while using all the magic of rich tones, varnish overflows and interesting textures.

Do you want to become the queen of glamor? See a photo of a manicure from nail art masters on our online service to get inspired for your next trip to the master.

  • Two-tone nail designs are one of the simplest options. He always looks super stylish.
  • Marble nail design - effective and interesting. When performing this manicure, the color combinations can be contrasted depending on your mood.
  • A polka-dot manicure is an eternal classic: whether it is wearing matching clothes, shoes or made nails. This popular nail art design is suitable for both daily wear and parties.
  • French manicure is the safest option when playing with nails. Well girls, it's time to get creative and ditch the classic French manicure. A jacket in contrasting colors or sequins can complement your style! Alternatively, instead of straight white tips, you can add wavy tips to neutral colored nails.

You can complement a daring manicure with bright elements: rhinestones, sparkles, kamifubuki, beads, glitter, add drawings and decorations. So your image will sparkle with new colors.

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