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Undoubtedly, neat hands and well-manicured nails are almost the main thing in the image of any woman. People notice them when talking to you and seeing you in public places or at work. As a rule, a woman whose manicure isn’t that good-looking and stylish looks less attractive. A large photo collection of beautiful manicure designs of gentle colour shades is now available on our website. At you can choose a nail artist in any city and book your manicure appointment. Take your pick!

Doesn’t matter what kind of gentle manicure design is your fave one, it is important to pick nail art and nail polish colour shades that match your whole outfit. If your hands do not "stand out" from the created image, it will look complete and harmonious. Recently, there has been a trend for refined, feminine and gentle nail looks.

Nails painted gentle and light shades look the most elegant and gentle, with the effect of airiness. These are numerous shades of pink and beige, light lilac and pale brown. To create a gentle French manicure, our nail experts recommend you to choose nail polish colours that are slightly darker than your skin tone.

Gentle Manicure Designs: Nail Ideas - Photos

  • This is an excellent option both for everyday life and parties. It will look even more gentle and feminine if you draw floral and geometric patterns. They can be bright on a light background. Thin lines and hieroglyphs made in an openwork technique look beautiful yet not too extraordinary. You can also use lace, frozen effect and Chinese characters.
  • On gloomy fall days, you can cheer yourself up with spring & summer themed manicure designs. Sky, floral and marine nail art done in pastel shades is a great idea for an elegant manicure, which looks quite modest at the same time. Feel free to use stickers or prints, as well as draw various flowers, bugs, butterflies and other insects. They look especially eye-catching on long nails, and you can cover them with shellac which is still popular. That will make your manicure more durable and rich, and your nail plates will not break.
  • To obtain a romantic look, choose warm colour shades. Draw thin lines, which are almost invisible and strokes over the background. This will make your nails look original, and it’s suitable not only for the bride's manicure, but also perfectly fits into the office look.

If you choose a fashionable gentle manicure in 2023, you are sure to flatter your unforgettable image with such a charming nail art.


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