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Light Blue Striped Nails

Light blue manicure design is forever associated with airiness, sensuality and charm. If you are used to brighter shades and do not want to change things, take a  look at the photos of diverse manicure designs by experienced nail artists and experiment with nail art on nails of any shape and length. Light blue manicure design is sure to refresh and complement both spring and summer looks.

Light Blue Manicure Designs 2023: New Ideas for gentle Light Blue Manicure Design

Light blue shade is so light and airy! Here are some recommendations for nail artists on choosing a light blue nail design:

  • Monochromatic nail design. This one looks great on any nail length and shape. You can choose either glossy or matte top coat - light blue nail design will emphasize the neatness of your pens;
  • French manicure design. It is classic and trendy at the same time. If you choose a French manicure design, you can combine blue, pink, white, blue, purple and other similar shades;
  • Shattered glass nails. This is quite an uncommon design which is sure to make image noticed and unforgettable. The drawing is normally done using special foil;
  • Ombre nail design. Smooth colour transition is a must! This design is loved even by the pickiest fashion lovers, and light blue colour will go well with most of shades;
  • Velvet manicure. This one is a win-win. A manicure made with acrylic powder can be attributed to 3D designs due to their bulk. With the help of powder in the drawings, it is also possible to imitate a knitted sweater;
  • Patterns and drawings. Original monograms, flowers, sea waves, raindrops, clouds, snowflakes, hearts and thousands of other ideas that talented nail artists can easily draw on your nails. photo catalog contains not only manicure ideas, but also plenty of works by experienced nail technicians. Book an appointment with a nail artist in your city to get a unique light blue manicure design done on your gorgeous nails.

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