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Long Gentle Nails

Gentle manicure designs for long nails are normally chosen by stylish and confident women. It doesn’t really matter which nail shape you have – this kind of nail design always looks neat and flatters gorgeous hands of any woman.

In 2023, long nails are back in fashion. Tons of various nail shapes are acceptable here. Long nails can be shaped like a perfect oval, square with rounded edges, or even sharpened so that they look like a stiletto. By the way, the last one will make your pretty fingers look even longer and thinner. Some of the boldest fashion lovers prefer gentle manicure done on lipstick-shaped nails – manicure fanatics get their nails canted on one side, while the other, elongated side is sharpened like a claw.

Gentle Manicure Designs for Long Nails: Nail Ideas and Trendy Shades

  • white, pink, sky blue, light gray and cream shades, lilac-white – these are the perfect colour combos for creating a gentle and feminine manicure on long nails;
  • lace, geometric patterns, velvet sand and other decoration elements will make the manicure look unique;
  • rhinestones and glitter will definitely add some stylishness and elegance to your gentle manicure design.

Check out the large photo collection of gentle manicure designs that is now available on our website.


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