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Summer Pedicure

Pedicure is especially important in summer, as it is the time for sandals and slippers. If you like nail art, do not forget about your toenails, as a carefully chosen design is the best way to highlight the sexiness of your legs. A summer pedicure will give your look a more elegant and fresh vibe.

Bright Summer Pedicure

Women’s summer wardrobe is usually full of brightly colored clothes. A bright pedicure will complement summer outfits, giving a finishing touch to the look. Feel free to experiment with vivid summer colors, unusual pictures and sophisticated prints – from fun and playful to delicate and romantic.

Delicate Summer Pedicure

Delicate and dreamy ladies prefer soft, nude colors on their nails. They can choose a very pleasant color for their toenails that will not stand out too much. To put subtle accents on your toenails, add bright rhinestones or glitter to a calm background.

Matte Summer Pedicure

Velvety nails cannot but draw attention. Matte nails in vivid colors are among the current summer pedicure trends. A nude matte nail polish makes a pedicure especially delicate.

Summer Pedicure Designs

As feet are often exposed in summer, nail artists prefer to embellish toenails with various prints, pictures, rhinestones, and glitter. Let’s talk about the most popular options.


An amazing summer pedicure with the ombre effect goes well with rhinestones or sequins. Such a design is perfect for the beach, a club, or just an everyday look. In summer, it is better to do the ombre technique using similar shades. Add a picture of a palm tree or a flower as a finishing touch – and your perfect pedicure is ready. More adventurous women might choose neon colors with a matte finish.

Geometric Patterns

Casual, but interesting geometric patterns will add a flare to your pedicure. You can play with colors, for example, paint metallic gray or golden stripes on the thumbnail, which will complement your elegant and simple style.


A pedicure with rhinestones looks extremely attractive. In summer, you can decorate your toenails with unusual stones of various shapes and colors, laying out different images. Feel free to combine different nail polish shades, creating original color schemes with the help of large colorful rhinestones.

Spider Web

A spider web painted with thin lines on toenails looks fresh and unusual. This creative decoration allows for using brighter colors, foil, rhinestones, and unusual pictures of fruit.

Trendy Summer Toe Nail Colors

In summer, women gravitate towards bright colors for their looks. A bright pedicure, for example, in shades of yellow, pink, or red, will be a great element of a bright summer look. Designs with summer pedicure colors look very fresh and, if executed in the right way, do not give off even a hint of vulgarity.

Brilliant Pink

Bold neon colors have taken the world of nail art by storm and conquered the hearts of nail art fans. Fuchsia is another popular bright color that looks great in a matte finish or a glossy topcoat. If you aim for an even brighter accent, combine neon tones in the gradient technique.


Classic red looks unbelievably sexy and stylish on toenails! Plus, red nails boost a woman’s confidence. You can use your favorite shade of red as a stand-alone color or apply red tips to a clear base coat, paint flowers, dots or stripes. This will give more versatility to your look and enable you to express your passionate nature.


A vibrant orange nail polish oozes positivity, which is why even an all-orange design cannot be dull and gloomy. Orange works well in almost every design. For example, try pairing orange with yellow in an ombre design – it will be perfect for your vacation at the seaside.


Yellow has been one of the most sought-after summer hues for the past several years. It can be used in a monochrome design or serve as the background for decorations or other shades. Yellow toenails look great with glitter or foil.


You can’t go wrong with shades of blue, because it is this color that reminds us of the sea. A solid design looks very classy and goes well with denim clothes. Blue color also works well with white, yellow, and pink.


Classy white color looks feminine and expensive even on its own. A subtle nail art design without embellishments will suit any look. If you want a little something extra, keep in mind that white makes for a perfect canvas for various patterns from beads that are often used to outline the nail lunula.

Sea-Themed Summer Pedicure

Sea-themed designs rise in popularity in summer. Nail artists keep coming up with more and more creative ideas, many of which can be found in our catalogue. Imitation of waves, the colors of sunset, sea creatures, and embellishments in the form of seashells and corals simply scream summer.

Get inspiration on! Choose a summer pedicure design to your liking and make an appointment with the best nail artists from your vicinity.

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