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Pedicure with Flowers

Flower toe nail designs are common in spring and summer, however, you can have it in winter as well. Flower pedicure designs can be done with any shades and contrasting color combinations. There are plenty of trend-on nail art techniques, various materials, and styles for creating a pedicure with flowers.

Popular shades and color combinations

When it comes to picking a color palette for a stunning flower pedicure, consider your preference and current nail trends, such as:

  • Vivid shades. Bright saturated colors will make flower toenail art like poppies, forget-me-nots, pansies, lilies, peonies, and roses look life-like. The most fashionable shades include turquoise, pistachio, azure, marsala, fuchsia, and lilac.
  • Intriguing contrasts. Flower pedicure suggests the usage of various color combinations, such as black and yellow, black and white, and other designs that include 3 or 4 shades at once.
  • Nude pedicure. Fans of romantic vibes will appreciate a floral pedicure done in gentle pastel shades — beige, milky, light pink, peachy, mint, and lavender. 

Flower toe nail art ideas and techniques


Feel free to let your imagination run wild in your floral pedicure. Bright pictures look impressive on a big toe nail and small toenails alike.

If you end up going with a single-color design, try applying tiny flower buds. However, if you want to decorate a big toenail alone, feel free to experiment with intricate floral patterns.

Cherry blossom toe nail design looks especially attractive and dazzling. It's renowned for its detailed painting of each petal and natural colors. Add some rhinestones or glitter to upgrade this design.

Acrylic powder

3D acrylic flowers and a matte pedicure are a perfect match. Thanks to its texture and shape, such a design looks impressive and sophisticated.

If you don't want your pedicure to be too flashy, opt for pastel colors and steer clear of contrasting hues.


Stamping is one of the top nail techniques that can be combined with a flower pedicure design. A big toenail is an ideal placement for stamping. However, if you're experienced enough, you can do the rest of the toenails with the same technique. The result will be a unique detailed pedicure.

The choice of the shade for stamping depends on the base color: nude toenail art requires calm hues, and bright floral toenails will look mind-blowing paired with contrasting colors.

Rhinestones and kami fubuki

A pedicure with flowers can be beautifully paired up with sparkling details. You can apply rhinestones and glitter:

  • to decorate the flower core;
  • to highlight the lunula or other part of the toenail.

Make sure to choose the appropriate size and color of crystals to match the painted flowers.

Flower French toenails

Remember that the style of a French pedicure with flowers depends on the base color.

  • It's better to combine classic nude toenails with delicate flower buds of the same shade;
  • If you’re sporting a colorful French pedicure, complement it with bright flower toe nail art.

French toenails with flowers range from roses, daisies, and tulips to exotic flowers, detailed twigs, and leaves.

Geometric pedicure

Floral patterns are often combined with diagonal and horizontal lines. A palm tree toe nail design is one of the marvelous options.

You can create a flower pedicure design applying various techniques. Check out flower toe nail designs on our catalog and choose the one that will match your base coating. An experienced nail technician will help you decide on the right style to make your pedicure with flowers look jaw-dropping and elegant alike.

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