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Light Pedicure Designs

It's a common misconception that a light pedicure is all about a nude palette and single-color designs. In truth, the base for a light toenail design can be done in different colors, nevertheless, natural looks are still in. Few accessories are also acceptable.

A light pedicure can be a perfect element of a look for everyday wear or a special occasion. Brightness makes room for sophistication and elegance, making your image gentle and romantic, or strict and businesslike, depending on its style.

Trendy light pedicure colors

A popular light pedicure can be done in transparent nude shades, as well as slightly pale variations of saturated colors:

  • toenails look gentle in light pink, peach colors, matching casual or evening looks alike; 
  • a light blue coating is suitable for holidays, everyday spring and summer pedicures. You can accentuate the design by complementing a gel polish base with nature- and sea-themed pictures;
  • light purple and light turquoise colors are great for a romantic look;
  • gold, pale orange, or yellow shades can highlight your dark or tanned skin;
  • beige and creamy brown colors are good for office style.

Fashion trends of light pedicure

A one-color light is considered to be the simplest toenail design. Special decorative elements and unique techniques based on unusual effects and combinations can serve to create a unique pedicure design.

Moon and French pedicure

French and moon pedicure designs are classic. In addition to the classic techniques with a transparent nude coating and white lunulas or tips, the preference can also be given to bright colors.

The combination of the two above-mentioned techniques can enhance the design of your light pedicure.

Design options

It's all about special gel coatings that can look unusual on toenails even without any additional accessories. Top-notch nail artists offer the following options for a light pedicure:

  • shattered glass effect;
  • cat eye design;
  • marble design;
  • mirror effect.

Pictures on a light background

All kinds of decorative elements are relevant when it comes to a light pedicure design as they can emphasize the uniqueness of the image. A client is free to choose any picture option, such as stamping, sliders, freehand painting, or stickers.

Paint stains

This edgy pedicure design is about creating paintings that resemble watercolor ones due to chaotic color stains. A white base coat is better when it comes to such a design.

Light matte pedicure

A matte top coat goes well with one of the following techniques:

  • glamorous sweater nails;
  • velvety solid color pedicure;
  • acrylic floral patterns.

Light pedicure with decorative elements and glitter

A variety of decorative elements are used to adorn a light pedicure. All kinds of glitter, rhinestones, stones, sequins, and confetti can turn a restrained design into a festive one, drawing attention to your neat well-groomed feet.

Light pedicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones are used in light toenail designs in different ways, depending on the idea of the nail artist:

  • A nude beige coating is complemented with golden stones laid out in geometric shapes with accessories that are placed separately.
  • A white pedicure can be embellished with silver or white rhinestones to create a design for a special occasion.
  • Toenails are painted in different light shades each to make a single composition with the help of rhinestones of the same color and size.
  • Patterns with rhinestones that match the light base coat are laid out along the growth zone.

Light pedicure with chrome powder and foil

To achieve a fabulous shiny design, light gel polish can be complemented with foil or chrome powder. In the first case, the toenails get a metallized effect, in the second, the effect depends on the type of chrome powder.

The light toenails look bright and unusual if the foil design is made only on big toes. It’s better to leave the rest of the toenails one-colored. Another option for using foil is to apply prints to the toenails that form abstract patterns. You can complement your light pedicure with holographic foil elements to get the most original toenail design.

Chrome powder with a reflecting effect can make your light pedicure look delicate, romantic and at the same time bright. This special coating is available in different shades, so you can choose the best option to match up with your base color. If you are craving for a pearlescent effect, you can apply chrome powder over white or pale pink gel polish, creating an incredibly beautiful play of colors.

Light pedicure with glitter

Glitter matches perfectly with a light base color, making your spring, summer and winter pedicure designs complete. Glitter can be applied to the entire toenail plate, create a beautiful gradient, accentuate decorative elements, or outline the boundaries between color transitions.