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Nails With Rhinestones

Nail art techniques let you do any pattern on your nails as well as decorate the manicure with sequins. The use of sequins as a manicure decoration (coloured stones, which imitates precious stones) is one of the most fashionable trends in recent years.

If you have your own preferences, a nail artist can add pieces of foil, lace, sequins and nail sand to the manicure design with sequins. Also, an experienced nail technician can skillfully apply dried elements of plants or even small insects under the transparent nail polish layer, as well as draw a spider web, which will especially appeal to young and self-confident girls. Patterns done on the nails using sequins turn out to be flat and smooth, it will look chic and attractive on any lady's hands. And what’s important, nail art with sequins is very wearable: the voluminous décor elements will not interfere with movements or cling to clothing items.

  • A wide range of colours, sizes and materials which sequins are made from, make it possible to beautifully decorate your manicure and choose the best option for any nail polish colour. Nail technicians often use metal sequins instead of glass; they are just perfect for basic types of decor. Sequins ranging in size from 1 to 3 mm are also used in manicure, fixed with the help of nail polish or glue.
  • A more common technique for sequins application is to decorate each nail’s free edge. As a rule, when doing pedicure, one sequin is attached to the big toe.
  • A trendy manicure with sequins is a perfectly done one, which isn’t flashy and oversaturated. It is better to decorate one finger on the left or right hand with shiny sequins and evenly place pastel coloured stones on the rest of the nails.

Check out our website for real photos of manicure with sequins done by professional nail artists. There are tons of examples of nail design with sequins that can be done on your nails to create your unique individual look.


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