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Purple manicure design with nail art will appeal to many fashion lovers. There’s a huge variety of shades and colour combinations & perfect harmony with any style and image. Gentle and feminine colour reminds of spring, when nature awakens and fragrant lilac blooms.

Trendy Purple Manicure Design - Photos

  • When applying a lunar manicure, nail art experts advise to combine pastel colours with contrasting ones. In the color palette, predominance of calm shades is recommended: dark cherry, beige, light chocolate, gray. A spectacular lunar French manicure can be achieved by highlighting the lunula and applying nail polish to the free edge.
  • Polka dot. Small and large, colourful and plain... Combine it with various décor elements and feel free to carry out colorful experiments.
  • Patterns – geometric shapes, French manicure in different variations, a mix of matte and glossy top coats & glitter. The purple colour is truly spring-like, therefore, it can be complemented with interesting patterns, and looks perfect with smooth transitions of shades and monograms.
  • Ombre nail design. Purple vertical or angular ombre manicure design with glitter or mirror powder is the current trend of manicure fashion 2023. Smooth and dramatic transitions from dark to light shades and vice versa look absolutely gorgeous.
  • Gold, silver, sequins & half beads are a really great when you are getting your nails ready for the wedding day. Rhinestones and scattered shiny stones are applied as an additional decoration for metal nail art, drawings, prints etc.

Purple is one of the colour shades that you can and should experiment with. Gentle and exciting, trendy and enchanting purple manicure design with nail art will leave no young lady indifferent.

We have gathered the most beautiful photos of purple manicure designs by leading nail masters. Find yourself a pro nail technician in any city on website to book a manicure appointment.


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