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Medium Nails

Manicure designs for medium nails can be extremely different. The fantasy of a professional nail technician will not be limited in this case. Almost any manicure design looks natural and neat on medium nails and suits the following nail shapes:

  1. oval,
  2. square (soft or rounded square),
  3. almond.

Looking for a good nail artist? Find him at in the portfolio list. We have put together a huge photo collection of works by pro nail techs, where there are the best modern nail art ideas.

Popular manicure designs for medium nails

  • French nail design;
  • graphic patterns;
  • colorful stains;
  • lunar manicure;
  • matte solid color nails;
  • drawings and patterns.

Sometimes girls try doing the so-called volumetric or 3D manicure. We’d say it is not suitable for some of the occasions, but if you are into experimenting, then why not?


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