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Cat Eye Nails

A mysterious cat eye manicure enchants with a jewel-like shimmering. It has been popular for several years already thanks to its versatility. Cat eye nails go nicely not only with an evening gown but also with a casual outfit. Such a design combined with a geometric pattern, glitter, or rhinestones looks snazzy. It's worth getting such nails at least once, and they will become one of your favorites.


Matte Cat Eye Nails

A cat eye design with a matte finish looks unusual. This is a new trend of combining the two techniques. The characteristic glow will not be dull even covered with a matte top coat. You can apply matte polish to all your nails or just a few ones. Using a matte coating on two fingers and creating droplets with transparent glossy polish on them would be an extraordinary option.

Cat Eye Manicure Design Ideas

It may seem that cat eye nails don't need additional decorations. However, manicurists hold a different opinion. A couple of nails decorated with a great variety of patterns look impressive. Stamping can also be a lovely addition to such a manicure. If you choose French nails, they will not look boring or plain and match any outfit.

Nail Art

A cat eye nail manicure looks marvelous in combination with any pattern from classic swirls and scrolls to animal prints and dazzling peacock feathers. In summer, it's preferable to choose floral nail art. In winter, you can go for magical snowflakes.

Pearl Pigment Powder

Such a nail design looks splendid if done with pastel colors. You can use light pink, beige, and peach shades as the main color as they go well with a pearl pigment powder. Such nails look fresh, delicate, and elegant. You can apply the design on several or all fingers at once.


When decorating the nails with rhinestones, you should be careful as it's easy to go overboard. You can apply gems to the lunula or create a geometric pattern like a wave. And of course, if you don't want to look vulgar, decorate only a couple of nails.

Cat Eye Nail Art For Short Nails

Short nails are suitable for active girls and women. Their beauty can be highlighted by a matte top coat and drops made of transparent polish. Dark shades will also make short nails look impressive. Galaxy nail art done with glitter will create the shining stars effect and a festive mood.

Cat Eye Nail Art For Long Nails

A French manicure is a perfect design for long nails. This timeless classic is suitable for oval and sharp nail shapes. Gradient nails will jazz up a daily look and highlight the beauty of long nails.

Common Colors For Cat Eye Nails

Single color cat eye nails can be done both with light and dark shades. Let's take a look at the colors that fashionistas love the most.


Black is a loud and bold color. It matches an evening look perfectly. It's better to combine black with gold or silver stripes or liquid stones. All this will make your nails stand out against a shiny attire.


A stylish and exciting emerald tone can accompany any nail length. To decorate such a vivid color, rhinestones or a simple golden strip will be enough. These decorations won't steal the show from green color.


An unusual technique will make a classic red glow. It's suitable for women of all ages. The best decorations for such a manicure are liquid stones and foil. Feel free to experiment and get French nails, for example. They will look authentic and bright. A matte finish is a brilliant option for short nails.


The gray color palette includes a bunch of shades ranging from light gray to graphite. A combination of gray color and cat eye nail art goes nicely with daily outfits thanks to its shimmering delicately. You can complement the design with classic scrolls, translucent drops, as well as sparkling rhinestones, or glitter.

Choosing a perfect nail design is super easy now. features nail art portfolios of manicurists from all over the world. Get inspired and make an appointment with the best nail artists near you.



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