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Halloween Makeup

Halloween makeup is a burst of fantasy and emotions, absence of limits and the opportunity to finally create the image you’ve always dreamed of. It is the Halloween day when you can show up looking like a cute witch, a doll, a character from your favorite horror movie ... Improvise! Take a look at some brand new makeup ideas in the photo catalog at

Some of the best Halloween makeup looks by makeup artists from all over the world are gathered on theYou website. Here you can find the perfect makeup, as well as book an appointment with a makeup artist from your city. After taking a closer look at the portfolio of a specialist, choose the one you’d entrust with doing your Halloween makeup. Be absolutely sure that professional makeup artists will be very enthusiastic about any makeup idea you’d like to bring to life.

So, the Halloween makeup, applied on October 31st, can be eccentric, extremely bright, magical and even insane in a way. Moreover, this madness takes over everyone who celebrates Halloween, and at the party everyone has the opportunity to express their emotions and thoughts through their costume and makeup. So, what makeup look to choose to become the star of the theme party?

Top 8 Halloween Makeup Ideas

  • 1. Vamp Makeup

Someone can say that the idea is too hackneyed, but in fact, it will never lose its relevance, and there are a lot of its options. It would be nice to buy the appropriate attributes - a suit, false fangs, etc. We are 100% sure you will not regret it.

  • 2. Bride Makeup

Of course, this image is not the same as the traditional wedding look, at all. And we guarantee that no one will go down the aisle looking that creepy. We highly recommend watching the ‘Corpse Bride’ cartoon in order to get inspired to try the main character's makeup on October 31st.

  • 3. Clown Makeup

As you probably already know, clowns are not always cute and funny; in the movies, they are often portrayed as frightening villains and killers. On Halloween day, clown makeup breaks all the records for popularity.

  • 4. A Mystical Nun

It's not a big deal to buy a nun's Halloween costume now, as well as to do the makeup: just apply a lot of black eye shadow and a light foundation.

  • 5. Ghost Makeup

The face should be very white, so feel free to choose light colors. Besides, you can try to create the effect of a ‘sewn shut mouth"’, or ‘eye holes’ using dark eye shadows.

  • 6. Realistic Scar Makeup 

If you don't have enough time to choose a Halloween look, just apply bright makeup and paint scars on your face. It would be better to make them large and realistic. You can also paint bruises, smear your lipstick, etc.

  • 7. Witch Makeup

Haven’t decided whether to choose a scary, sexy or neutral makeup look yet? Don’t worry, a witch can look different! Remember the witch from the Maleficent movie and Hermione Granger? They are so different, but still absolutely gorgeous! So, don’t hesitate to choose any makeup you like.

  • 8. Joker Makeup

Joker, the supervillain who first appeared in a comic book is currently the hottest trend for Halloween makeup. So why not try a Joker inspired makeup look? A wide smile and smeared lipstick, vertical stripes on the eyes, a messy clown look... Take some time to search our website in order to find a makeup tutorial on how to create the Joker makeup look to outshine the famous character and look perfect.

In fact, there are numerous ideas for your Halloween makeup, and a million characters you can re-embrace. Besides, everyone is free to add their own vision and artistic touch to the makeup so as to be sure that nobody would show up with a similar makeup on.


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