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What does natural makeup look like? Today’s fashion lovers are very interested in this topic. If you’re wondering too, you can find the answer to this question in a photo catalog at Besides taking a look at numerous natural makeup looks by leading makeup artists from all over the world, you can find a makeup artist from your city and book an appointment online.

Every single day, a significant number of girls face the problem of how to make their faces look better and at the same time look as natural as possible. And most of them are convinced that it’s probably enough to apply lipstick, eyeliner and blush – that’s it. However, makeup artists have a different opinion, claiming that there are certain steps and rules for applying natural makeup.

Stage 1. Applying Foundation

When applying foundation, the main goal is to achieve even skin tone. The more natural it looks, the better. Foundation is applied to the face and spread outward along the face, neck, and décolleté. Before applying foundation, make sure to prep your skin with a moisturizer.

Stage 2. Applying Powder 

It’s crucial to choose the powder shade that matches your skin color and foundation. This will give the skin a velvety and even look.

Stage 3. Eye Makeup

Eyes are the most expressive and bright part of a woman's face. To make your natural makeup look perfect, you need to blend the eyeshadow carefully and mind their smooth transitions in case you’re using several shades. Eye shadow should not have clear and defined edges - only this way it will look natural and give your image some special charm.

Using a small amount of mascara will accentuate the eye color. To enhance the effect, you can apply eyeliner to your lash line.

You can make your makeup look even more expressive using the winged eyeliner. Of course, you do not need to do ‘cat eye’ makeup. The wings will help to slightly improve your natural eye shape. It is also very important to choose the right color. It should perfectly match the tone of your whole makeup look.

  • Brown and gray wings are suitable for blondes.
  • The best option for brunettes is using darker colors (dark brown and black).

Stage 4. Eyebrow Makeup

The color of the brow pencil or the brow shadow should match the hair color. For brunettes and brown-haired ladies, dark brow shadows are just perfect. For blondes, a brow pencil or shadow matching their hair color will do. There should be no sharp arches and pronounced eyebrow shape.

Stage 5. Lip Tinting

There is a wide range of lipstick shades varying from very light to dark ones. The lightest of them, especially those from the neutral palette, give little color (they’re almost translucent), and they are often chosen by women with light skin and very young girls who want to look natural.

For a more natural look of your lip tint, it is better to use natural and delicate lipstick shades. Use a lip contour pencil if you need to emphasize the shape of the lips. The pencil should be of exactly the same color as the lipstick. You can also apply a lip gloss technique that gives the lips a natural look: apply a pinkish orange gloss to the middle of the upper and lower lip, and blend it with your finger. Besides, you can try liquid matte lipsticks of natural shades. They last perfectly on the lips and give them a natural look.

Lips Need to Match Your Eye Color:

  • plum and beige shades are recommended for those with gray eyes;
  • the blue-eyed will look gorgeous with nude pink and cherry tones on;
  • terracotta and reddish orange tones are suitable for the green-eyed ladies;
  • brown-eyed people should choose brownish, crimson or pale pink shades.

Stage 6. Applying Blush

The perfect blush color is the one that looks like the natural blush on your face. Use a thick brush to apply blush to the cheekbones. Then slightly blend it so that the cheeks do not look too flashy.

If you follow the simple basics and the right sequence of the steps of applying natural makeup, then you will not need to worry about your appearance. Your makeup will always look fresh and natural.


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