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Everyday Makeup

Everyday makeup emphasizes the true and natural female beauty. It doesn't have to be flashy and overly dramatic, but completely invisible makeup won't work either. There should always be a golden mean in everything.

theYou website contains plenty of ideas for everyday makeup created by professional makeup artists. Feel free to choose your favorite makeup look and book an appointment with an experienced makeup artist from your city.

Stunning Everyday Makeup Options:

  • winged eyeliner. The wings don't have to be thick and long. Neat and thin lines will make your eyes look much bigger. Long straight wings with a slight bend will also make your eyes look bigger and elongate them (especially it works for round eyes);
  • accentuate the lips. There is a rule: if you paint your lips bright lipstick, your eye makeup should be neutral;
  • apply mascara. You can emphasize the lower lash line with a white eye pencil. For daily wear, it is better to use a regular mascara (not a waterproof one), which usually brings less damage to the eyelashes;
  • select the blush which matches your skin tone;
  • eye shadow. There are many options here, but the main rule is to avoid sharp lines.

Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette for Your Everyday Makeup:

  • brown eyes: khaki, brown, peach;
  • gray eyes: sand, beige, gray;
  • green eyes: copper, bronze, brown;
  • blue eyes: peach, light pink, white.

General rules for everyday makeup:

  • do not apply eyeliner to the lower eyelid if it is not necessary;
  • brown eyeliner perfectly outlines the natural shape of the eyes;
  • make your eyebrows look as natural as possible;
  • even out your skin tone, but do not put on the excessive amount of cosmetics;
  • blend your eyeshadow really well.

So, an everyday makeup is meant to make women feel confident and comfortable. Take risks, let your imagination run wild, feel free to experiment and find your perfect makeup look!


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