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Light makeup is a great option for a casual look. As you know, when performing light and simple makeup, it is necessary to show maximum taste and remember about a sense of proportion, because natural naturalness in makeup is more relevant today than ever.

We offer you to look at photos of light makeup on the website, where experienced makeup artists share new and modern works of authorship. You have the opportunity to choose your favorite light and simple makeup to make an appointment with a makeup artist from your city.

Light makeup for every day: rules of execution

To emphasize the naturalness and naturalness of the image, you must be guided by the following rules.

  1. Use neutral shades of eyeshadow: sandy, creamy, pearl, bronze, light brown, light pink, etc. The texture and consistency of the eyeshadow plays an important role here.
  2. Avoid sharp boundaries between dark and light tones, color transitions should be smooth and imperceptible.
  3. Focus on one area: if you have applied bright lipstick, your eyes should be minimally accentuated with makeup, this rule also works the other way around.
  4. When creating light makeup, it is undesirable to use eyeliner and eyeliner. The softer your makeup looks, the more natural and natural the look will be.
  5. Makeup should be applied in daylight.
  6. You must not lose your sense of proportion if you want to get really light makeup, and not the image of a femme fatale.

Types of makeup

  • very light - fastest using mascara and eyebrow pencil;
  • office - mascara, shadows, dim lipstick or gloss;
  • nude - apply beige and pastel shades of eyeshadow;
  • lifting - a variant of the daily image of older women;
  • elegant - a thin arrowhead, lip contour can be added.

Mistakes when applying light makeup

  • too much foundation applied or unsuitable for skin tone;
  • sharp and sloppy lip contouring;
  • no feather shading;
  • excess highlighter;
  • sharp or irregular eyebrows;
  • lower eyelid makeup;
  • a large number of layersmascara.

In addition, shades of shadows need to be matched to the color of the eyes: for example, brown tones are best for brown-eyed beauties, blue-eyed - gray, green-eyed - peach.

Moderation is the main principle of light makeup. With proper care, your makeup will always look feminine, fresh and natural. And the appearance is well-groomed and attractive.

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