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Fox Eye Makeup

Fox eye makeup is now at the peak of its popularity, and it’s especially popular with today’s fashion lovers. Many girls are looking for new ways to refresh their makeup, as they love to play with different images to add extra sensuality to the look. According to the experts of the beauty industry, fox eye makeup is the best way to achieve this goal. It’s fascinating and predatory, just like the eyes of the same name animal.

Look at different techniques for creating fox look by pro makeup artists from all over the world at Choose your favorite fox eye makeup and a specialist from your city and book your makeup appointment.

Fox Eye Makeup Tips:

• to create a fox look, the eyebrows should be well-brushed and shaped so that the arch is quite high. It is best if they are flat or slightly upward at an angle. If this shape does not suit you, make it as close as possible to the above mentioned one;

• mascara is applied at a certain angle - at the outer corner the brush should directed slightly to the side and outward to provide the lengthening effect;

• elongated winged liner emphasizes the eyes the best. This is usually a thin line that widens towards the outer corner of the eye. You can also apply it to the inner corner, if you want to add saturation to your fox eye makeup;

• feel free to draw the wings not only with eyeliner, but also with eye shadows - the main rule is to blend the lines well, visually lifting the corner of the eye up. Depending on how thin or thick the line is, the fox eye effect will be slightly different;

• the cheekbones should be emphasized with the contour applied towards the temples.

How To Choose The Wing According To The Shape of Your Eyes

Protruding eyes can be corrected with a thin wing, and it’s important that on the lower eyelid there’s no makeup at all. For small eyes, the wing is drawn from the middle of the eyelid, and the line thickens and rises to the outer corner. The Asian type eye is a little bit more complicated: in this case it is advisable to use contrasting colors. The wing can start both from the inner corner and from the middle. All of this must be emphasized with eye shadows - the upper eyelid is light, and the lower one is slightly darker.

Interesting Facts 

Fox eye makeup is closely related to hairstyles. For example, for maximum lifting effect, the hair is put in a high ponytail, so that the skin in the temples is slightly pulled. Concealer is applied to the outer corners of the eyes and blended towards the temples.

Eyelash extensions are another good way to achieve the fox look. Beauticians have long been mastering various techniques that visually change the shape of the eyes. So, you do not even need to do full makeup, since with the help of lash extensions, your eyes will become super attractive, a little bit sly and charming.

There are many ways to change the shape of the eyes with the help of surgery: thread lifting, blepharoplasty, temporal brow lift, etc. However, it is possible to give your eyes a fox look without having to get a surgery.


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