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Makeup for Hooded Eye

No matter how women do their makeup, all of them want to get a magical transformation and an incredible result in the end. The techniques of applying makeup are quite various: what is suitable for those who have round eyes, is not suitable for women with hooded eyes. Makeup artists have long been learning to skillfully hide this feature. Here are some helpful tips from professionals, and none of them is about surgery.

Hooded eyes often make women look tired, the eyes are gloomy and not very expressive. If you haven’t mastered doing makeup yet, you can make the situation worse, so we have gathered a photo collection of the best makeup options for hooded eye. So take a look at the catalog of works by makeup artists at After that, you can try to do your makeup yourself or book an appointment with a professional makeup artist from your city.

How To Apply Makeup To Hooded Eyes 

Winged Liner.

The eyeliner should be applied as a thin line right along your lash line, not onto the eyelid itself, because in this case the line will be ‘broken’. For a more voluminous look, you can apply white liner to the lower eyelid. It is important that you use a pencil and not a liquid liner for this, as it is much easier to blend and complement with eye shadow. After that, you can apply mascara to your eyelashes.

Smokey Eye.

First, select a suitable dark shade and apply it onto the upper eyelid, then use more saturated eye shadows for the outer corner and blend it well. Apply lighter shade to the center of the eyelid. The main rule here is good blending. With the help of this technique, the effect of cat eyes can be easily created.

Soft Cut Crease.

Apply light eye shadows to the upper eyelid and more saturated ones from the middle of the eye to the outer corner, then you can draw and blend the wing.

Tiny Winged Eyeliner.

An eye pencil or liquid eyeliner will help to emphasize and elongate the shape of the eyes. Apply the liner to the lower lash line and draw a tiny wing at the outer corner.

Common Makeup Mistakes:

• closed eyes. It’s the most incorrect approach to makeup application process, since you need to see how it looks with your eyes open and, if necessary, be able to fix the situation;

• cut crease. As is clear from the above mentioned tips, well-blended eye shadows are the best option for hooded eyes. Don't draw clear lines - you are not at your geometry lessons;

• flat eyebrows. It is best to shape S-shaped eyebrows or eyebrows with a soft or high arch;

• light eye shadow under the eyebrow are not always good, as sometimes the upper eyelid seems to fall over the eyes even more, when it definitely needs to be lifted up, and not vice versa;

• brightness. There’s no doubt that juicy color shades are insanely attractive, but you should not get carried away with their beauty in this situation;

• liquid eye shadows are certainly not the best option, since if you need to wear it for the whole day, the pigment will concentrate in the eyelid crease and highlight the problem of a hooded eye.

Makeup for hooded eye must be applied in a way that allows removing the effect of an eyelid falling over the eyes. All in all, it’s recommended to emphasize the eyelashes using the curler, choose the color shades that go well with your eye color, and even draw a fake cut crease - and your makeup will be beautiful even if you have hooded eyes.


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