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Wedding Hairstyles with Tiaras

Wedding hairstyles with a tiara are one of the most popular options for bridal hair. This delicate accessory can easily elevate even a simple hairstyle, making it luxurious, sophisticated and glamorous.

Wedding hairstyles with a tiara are suitable for different styles of celebrations. Professional hair stylists recommend going for accessories to match the bride's outfit so that the tiara works well with the attire. The priority is usually given to minimalistic tiaras that will not overshadow, but will beautifully complement the hairstyle.

Popular Wedding Hairstyles with Tiaras

Wedding hairstyles with a tiara include different variations of updos, half-up half-down hairstyles, and loose locks.


A wedding hairstyle with hair in a bun looks classic and elegant if the strands are gathered tightly without a hint of messiness. An exquisite tiara accentuates the consistency of the hairstyle as well as the aristocratic feel of the look.

Another option for a wedding hairstyle with a tiara is to create a loose hairdo by styling your hair into a low, medium or high, carelessly tied bun. The hairstyle is often complemented by loose and effortlessly curled side strands. In such a hairdo, a tiara accentuates the romantic vibes of your look.

Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles

Choosing a half-up half-down hairdo with a tiara as your wedding hairstyle, you create a very soft and romantic look. A delicate tiara elegantly tops off half-up half-down hairstyles, twisting your locks away from your face in a semicircle.


A wedding hairstyle with a tiara and a ponytail is another classic option. It's not a common thing to adorn a sleek high ponytail with a tiara. Preference is given to medium or low ponytails with loose waves, Greek hairstyles with large curls, or teased hair in the crown area.

Loose Hair with a Tiara

If you choose a hairstyle for a wedding with a tiara that complements flowing loose waves, there are several ways you can elevate your look:

  • slightly curling hair into large or medium waves
  • creating Hollywood waves
  • elegantly styling straight hair with a central or side parting
  • creating a side-swept hairstyle.

Adorning your beautiful loose locks with a tiara adds a flair to your festive outfit.

Wedding Hairstyles with a Tiara and a Veil

Bridal hairstyles with a tiara and a veil are perfect for a romantic bridal attire. In order not to overload the image, it's better to choose minimalistic hairdos without complicated multi-tiered styling. Hair stylists recommend using tiaras in combination with veils to complement a bun, a crown braid, or a Greek hairstyle.

Wedding Hairstyles with a Tiara for Different Hair Length

Wedding hairstyles with a tiara go beautifully with any hair length. You can also secure a tiara on short locks, but it looks the best on shoulder-length hair.

Long Hair

Brides with luxurious long hair rocked both tiny and voluminous tiaras with shining designs. Long hair up in crowns-wreaths with braiding, pearls, and floral decorative elements looks unconventional and elegant.

Medium Hair

Medium-length hair can be embellished with small graceful tiaras with any wedding decorative elements. Tiaras that are too big can strike a discordant note, making the ethereal image of the bride less harmonious.

You can find plenty of examples of wedding hairstyles with a tiara in our photo gallery on Creative wedding hairdos by outstanding hair professionals will inspire you to create an attractive look, regardless of the length and shade of your hair.

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