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Valentine’s Day Nail Designs: 14 Ideas to Make February 14 Perfect


Have you made up your mind what you're going to wear for your Valentine’s Day date? An ethereal hairstyle and natural-looking makeup make for a romantic look, while bouncy curls and red lipstick add passion. How about you top your look off with a special manicure design? We have compiled 14 interesting nail art ideas for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Let’s check them out!

маникюр для свидания

Choosing a Nail Design

The main criterion for choosing a nail design is the length of your nails:

short nails are better off with light shades of polish as dark colors visually shorten your nails;

simple patterns and small decorative elements work beautifully on short length;

nail art for long nails can be done with a wide variety of shades, which allows you to create a more intricate design;

accents on the tips of long nails make them appear longer.


How to go without hearts on such a romantic day? It’s the hottest nail design trend for Valentine’s Day. The color choice for a base coating and heart pictures is limitless: you can go for any color your nail artist has on hand.


There is hardly a date that goes without kissing on Valentine’s Day. Nails with kiss prints are a bright and at the same time delicate design that will mesmerize everyone.


He is also known as Amor and his Greek counterpart is called Eros. This little troublemaker with arrows is a symbol of love, attraction, and passion, he’s one of the main symbols of Valentine's Day.

Classic Red Nails

All shades of red — crimson, scarlet, burgundy — are a perfect finishing touch to a femme fatale look.

Pink Nails

Delicate pink is another color that is associated not only with love, but also with elegance and light-heartedness. Neon pink is one of the trending nail colors in 2023.


These luxurious flowers are another indispensable element of a romantic date. Why not adorn your nails with pictures of roses?

Lace Pattern

Lace patterns will add delicacy and elegance to your Valentine’s Day look.


Beauty experts foresee a new nail art trend: in 2023, nail designs will often feature fake gems in the form of rhinestones.


A well-known French manicure is always a good idea for any event. It’s a classic design that makes your nails look neat. You can pair this design with flowers, stickers, glitter, or rhinestones to get unconventional and glamorous nails for Valentine's Day.


Nail art with phrases is a great opportunity to tell your partner that you love them or to hint discreetly at your feelings.

Gold and Silver Nails

Gold and silver nail designs are perfect for festive events in luxurious places. If you’re going to attend such an event, check out the following ideas in order to get yourself into the spotlight and steal the show.

Gentle Designs

A neat and delicate nail design in pastel colors is appropriate for any occasion and its simplicity will never bore you, unlike gold and rhinestones.


Do you want something fun and at the same time suitable for the occasion? Or, perhaps, you and your partner have a secret sign or symbol? Why not embellish your nails with a pattern that only two of you can decipher?

Combinations of Designs

Are you in two (or more) minds about which nail design to choose? Don’t worry — just combine them! A talented nail artist can create a real work of art on your nails.

It doesn’t matter who do you want to be on Valentine’s Day  — a femme fatale or a good girl — a beautiful nail design can complement any look. Get inspiration from the theYou photo gallery and choose your favorite nail design.

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